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Hi, in this project i want to help you with your Arduino, it is sometimes hard for beginners, to figure out what to put where in a code, so let me help you!
This is a small Instrucable, its just about a submission for arduino programming I made for beginners :)

Step 1:

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So lets see, here is my submission for basic programs:


Start, put description in here, it will help you and other, to find out what the code is about


//insert Libraries here

//settings for librarys

//insert variables/constant here

//general other settings

void setup()   //first loop, runs 1x

   // serial definitions ( Serial.begin(); )

   //library settings #2

  //define In/Outputs

  //code which needs to run 1x


void loop() //main loop

// main code runs infty


/* End */

Just copy it into the Arduino programmer and start coding with it :)

Step 2: Finishing

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Okay, i hope that helps you!
Me it helps alot, you can find an example code here:

Thank you for Reading, feel free to comment if you miss something :)

Greets Jan Henrik


sysco (author)2014-10-20


Jan_Henrik (author)sysco2014-10-21

Thank you!

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