Hello world! I made a 1 servo control app yesterday and i said that i would make a multi control, so here is the multi control app! I also made a better arduino code. Follow the next step for the schematic, code, parts list & APP


Contact me if you want the source code!

Step 1: Schematic, Code & Parts List.

Connect everything like the schematic, Upload the code, download the app, connect bluetooth after pairing the devices and it should work. Make sure to connect RXD to TX and TXD to RX.

Also make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

Parts list.

  1. Arduino uno, (Use a mega if you want to use more then 6 Servos!) i used the RobotDyn Uno.
  2. HC-06 Bluetooth module, or any other.
  3. 6 x Servo motor. (Can test with one to of course)
  4. Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
  5. Android phone.

Good luck!

Follow the next step to find out how to change your bluetooth module its name, pin & baud rate.(optional)

Step 2: How to Change the Name of Your HC-06

What is needed?

1 x USB to TTL microcontroller programmer to connect to your HC-06

How to connect the Programmer?





Lets get started...

  1. connect the USB TTL programmer to the HC-06
  2. Plug in the USB and open up The Arduino IDE
  3. Open the serial monitor.
  4. Type "AT" without quotes. You should see a respond in the Serial monitor saying "OK"
  5. Type "AT+NAMExyz" Sets the module name to “xyz” (Replace xyz with the name you want.) response should be OKsetname.
  6. Type "AT+PIN1234" Sets the pin to 1234 (replace 1234 with your desired pin) respond should be OKsetPIN For more info on changing baudrate etc. i included a PDF file. Good luck!

Please send the source code.... My email id is divyanshupant.just4u@gmail.com
Please source cod Android <br>tarhanubeyt@gmail.com
unsigned int realservo = (servopos1 *256) + servopos; why?
Can you give me source code?please?<br>Ale.belligoli@libero.it
<p>Hello!</p><p>Can You send me a source code please?<br>waskid29@gmail.com</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>#include &lt;Servo.h&gt;</p><p>Servo myservo1, myservo2, myservo3, myservo4, myservo5, myservo6, myservo7, myservo8, myservo9, myservo10;</p><p>byte serialA;</p><p>void setup()</p><p>{</p><p> myservo1.attach(9);</p><p> myservo2.attach(10);</p><p> myservo3.attach(11);</p><p> myservo4.attach(3);</p><p> myservo5.attach(5);</p><p> myservo6.attach(6);</p><p>// myservo7.attach(); fill in pin numbers if you use more then 6 servos i left them blank</p><p>// myservo8.attach();</p><p>// myservo9.attach();</p><p>// myservo10.attach();</p><p> Serial.begin(9600);//change your baudrate to your Bluetooth modules baudrate if needed.</p><p>}</p><p>void loop()</p><p>{</p><p> if (Serial.available() &gt; 2) {serialA = Serial.read();Serial.println(serialA);}</p><p> {</p><p> unsigned int servopos = Serial.read();</p><p> unsigned int servopos1 = Serial.read();</p><p> unsigned int realservo = (servopos1 *256) + servopos; </p><p> Serial.println(realservo); </p><p> if (realservo &gt;= 1000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt;1180){</p><p> int servo1 = realservo;</p><p> servo1 = map(servo1, 1000,1180,0,180);</p><p> myservo1.write(servo1);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 1 ON&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p> if (realservo &gt;=2000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt;2180){</p><p> int servo2 = realservo;</p><p> servo2 = map(servo2,2000,2180,0,180);</p><p> myservo2.write(servo2);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 2 On&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p> if (realservo &gt;=3000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 3180){</p><p> int servo3 = realservo;</p><p> servo3 = map(servo3, 3000, 3180,0,180);</p><p> myservo3.write(servo3);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 3 On&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p> if (realservo &gt;=4000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 4180){</p><p> int servo4 = realservo;</p><p> servo4 = map(servo4, 4000, 4180,0,180);</p><p> myservo4.write(servo4);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 4 On&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p> if (realservo &gt;=5000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 5180){</p><p> int servo5 = realservo;</p><p> servo5 = map(servo5, 5000, 5180,0,180);</p><p> myservo5.write(servo5);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 5 On&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p> if (realservo &gt;=6000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 6180){</p><p> int servo6 = realservo;</p><p> servo6 = map(servo6, 6000, 6180,0,180);</p><p> myservo6.write(servo6);</p><p> Serial.println(&quot;servo 6 On&quot;);</p><p> delay(10);</p><p> }</p><p>// if (realservo &gt;=7000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 7180){ //UNCOMMENT if using more then 6 Servos.</p><p>// int servo7 = realservo;</p><p>// servo7 = map(servo7, 7000, 7180,0,180);</p><p>// myservo7.write(servo7);</p><p>// Serial.println(&quot;servo 7 On&quot;);</p><p>// delay(10);</p><p>// }</p><p>//</p><p>// if (realservo &gt;=8000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 8180){</p><p>// int servo8 = realservo;</p><p>// servo8 = map(servo8, 8000, 8180,0,180);</p><p>// myservo8.write(servo8);</p><p>// Serial.println(&quot;servo 8 On&quot;);</p><p>// delay(10);</p><p>// }</p><p>//</p><p>// if (realservo &gt;=9000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 9180){</p><p>// int servo8 = realservo;</p><p>// servo8 = map(servo9, 9000, 9180,0,180);</p><p>// myservo8.write(servo8);</p><p>// Serial.println(&quot;servo 9 On&quot;);</p><p>// delay(10);</p><p>// }</p><p>//</p><p>// if (realservo &gt;=10000 &amp;&amp; realservo &lt; 10180){</p><p>// int servo10 = realservo;</p><p>// servo10 = map(servo10, 10000, 10180,0,180);</p><p>// myservo10.write(servo10);</p><p>// Serial.println(&quot;servo 10 On&quot;);</p><p>// delay(10);</p><p>// }</p><p> }</p><p>}</p>
<p>Hello!Can You send me a source code please?</p><p>yuiocs7498398@gmail.com</p>
<p>Do you have get the source code ? Can you share it to me please?</p><p>to wildanbalfas3@gmail.com</p><p>thankyou</p>
<p>Do you have get the source code ? Can you share it to me ?</p>
<p>Aweeasome!!</p><p>Can You send me a source code please?</p><p>to wildanbalfas3@gmail.com</p><p>thankyou</p>
<p>HI!! Can u Plz send me the Code??</p><p>MudassarIsmail47@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hello!Can You send me a source code please?<br>graciello2@bigmir.net</p>
<p>hola que tal todo funciona buen pero despu&eacute;s de 4 o 5 movimientos se traba la aplicaci&oacute;n o ya no responde el brazo alguna idea de porque ?</p>
<p>hey i need your help sir i want to develop an android app controlling 4 servomotor.</p>
<p>What do you need help with? Please send that to my e-mail. contact@arduinosensors.nl</p>
<p>please send me the code, ejpatino@uninorte.edu.co</p>
<p>This project it is great, please can You send me the source code for the android application, pleas? blackbirdsr71pooa@gmail.com</p>
Hello.. This is my graduating project. Can you send me the source code ,please?<br>E-mail: hasaneroglu1994@gmail.com
<p>Thank you for your work. Can you provide the source code for the app? Or do u think u can add limitations to your existing program for each servo? Other wise i will have to re code the softwear. please feel free to email me at codyhurley88@yahoo.com</p>
<p>please send me the source code to nepalikta399@gmail.com</p>
<p>I have received the code thank you very much !!</p>
<p>yes the code!!</p>
<p>Ok i will send it again, hope you get it.</p>
<p>hello 10 days have passed but still I do not have the program. You have to do anything yet?</p>
You mean the source code? Sorry people ask me everyday. I must have missed it. but i remember your name and thought i allready have send it.
<p>hello i want this code for a model ship. You want to you give me;; Thank use from GREECE</p>
Hi xristos, Send me your e-mail address with the request for the multi servo source code. I will send it in a mail to you. Send to : contact@arduinosensors.nl
<p>my e mail is </p><p>xristoskaiti@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Hello! I'm a high school robotics teacher over in the United States, and I just wanted to say thanks! Each student is programming a variety of different robots using HC-06's this semester and this was very helpful. I would greatly appreciate the source code. </p><p>Matthew.f.eaton@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Can you give me the source code please</p><p>Email : ayman_sharawani@hotmail.com</p><p>Thank you...</p>
Yes sure, I will send it to your mail.
<p>plz i want a code sir plz</p><p>khobragades244@gmail.com</p>
can you give me the source code please<br>rickywijaya210@yahoo.com
<p>can you give me the source code please</p>
Hello, yes please send a message with your mail address then i will send it to your mail as attachment.
<p>its ntna2003@gmail.com</p><p>sorry for late replying</p>
<p>hello can you give the source code of the app please </p><p>Email : giantscrusher@gmail.com</p>
<p>Can you give me the source code please </p><p>Email : haoshoku-spb@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Can you give me the source code please</p>
Hi please send a e-mail to contact@arduinosensors.nl I will reply and send the source code.<br><br>
<p>Will this still work if some of the servos are hooked up with an external power source?</p>
Hi,<br><br>Yes that is correct, it should still work fine. Make sure you dont use to much power or you will destroy the servo.<br><br>Best regards, Danny
I want android apk source code
Hello my friend,<br><br>I will send it to you. for a small favor, leave a review on google play please. let me know and i will send it.<br><br>Greetings
I have review it already my friend
Hi great instructible. I am very interested in android/arduino communication.<br><br>would you be able to share with me the source code of the android app. thanks.
<p>Hey my friend, did you get the PM?</p>

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