video Arduino_PID - FAN Controller
These videos are a complement to my other instructable about Arduino_PID.

Now we have a FAN speed controller.

I hope you enjoy this project.


Instructions about the project:

The DC motor driver:

The reflective optical sensor:

Fan control in operation:

Manuel Tafoya11 months ago

once you have programmed, can be considered as a digital controller, isn´t?

rch1 year ago

Nice Instructable, thank you.

What software are you using to monitor the PID performance?

Hi you made a great job!!!

I would like to ask you about puting the parametres of pid.Specifically, do you put them costantly? Or you have colculated ?

"I try to find the mathematical model of this system and colculate the pid parametres."

Thank you
BIGDOG1971 (author)  pantelis1111 year ago

I did a pratical evaluation of the parameters.
First I adopted a "P" value and after I increased the "I" value till get oscillation and then I decreased it in order to not have oscillation. I let the "D" value as zero.