Introduction: Arduino&processing - 'game'&controller

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For this 'project' you will need:

-a pc/laptop...

-1x 'Arduino to Usb' cable

-1 x Arduino uno

-1 x Arduino breadboard

-3 x Arduino button (image)

-4 x Arduino resistor (10K ohm)

-1 x Arduino wire +- 15cm (or longer)

-9 x Arduino wire +- 11cm (or longer)

-1 x Arduino led

Step 1: Processing

Picture of Processing

-Go to and download processing.

-Open processing and install python mode.

-Download Arduino.

-Go to:

-Upload 'Firmata' to your Arduino.

-Download the "" and unzip it.

-In processing, select 'file > open...' and open the "ArduinoTest.pyde" file located inside the "ArduinoTest" folder.

-Processing should be ready now, but since we have not yet made or setup the arduino, the processing sketch will only result in errors when clicking 'play'.

-Close processing or leave it as it is.

Step 2: The Arduino&Breadboard - Connecting the Wires

Picture of The Arduino&Breadboard - Connecting the Wires

-Put the Arduino Uno and Arduino Breadboard next to each other, with the breadboard(image) on the right.

-Connect the following pins with wires (from Arduino to Breadboard):

('Arduino' & 'BreadBoard')

'GND' & '- 2'

'12' & 'a 11'

'7' & 'b 16'

'4' & 'b 27'

'2' & 'b 23'

'5V' & '+ 1

Step 3: The BreadBoard

On the breadboard, connect the following pins with wires:

- '- 5' & 'a 18'

- '- 11' & 'a 5'

- '- 14' & 'a 25'

- '- 17' & 'a 29'

Now all wires should be connected correctly.

Take your 4 resistors and place them from breadboard-pin ... to breadboard-pin ... :

- '+ 9' & 'a 16'

- '+ 17' & 'a 23'

- '+ 19' & 'a 27'

- 'a 7' & 'b 11'

Place your led with the long 'foot' in breadboard-pin 'c 7' and the shorter 'foot' in breadboard-pin '5 c'.

Place the buttons like this (if they are not working, try turning them 45 degrees):

- 'e 16,18' & 'f 16,18'

- 'e 23,25' & 'f 23,25'

- 'e 27,29' & 'f 27,29'

Step 4: Connecting Arduino & Processing

Start up Processing and open the Arduino sketch from the earlier step.

Connect your Arduino Uno to your PC with the Arduino cable.

In processing, press 'play'/the play button and enjoy!

Step 5: Notes

-You can replace the map by replacing the 'Map1.bmp' file with a 50px by 50px bmp file.

-You can edit the pyde script, but this may result in errors if not done correctly.

Step 6: Not Working, What Now?

-Try installing the Arduino Driver.

-Download the zip again, changing names or code may result in errors.

-Check if all Arduino parts work.

-Check if no wires are placed in wrong or unlogic pins.


ShridarS (author)2017-01-29

Really Awesome Explanation Sir!..

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-01-22

Nice DIY game controller. You could set this up with just about any kind of switch so that people could customize their own controllers.

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