Are You Annoyed About Shaky Hands?


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Introduction: Are You Annoyed About Shaky Hands?

Shaky hands make photos blur, people sometimes have to use pic editor to make better photo effects.
It could be hard shooting with hands holding the camera under dim light, there are three tips here that could help you.
right position
The best way to stabilize the camera is to use your knees. 
Hold the camera with both your hands, the left one holds the lens, the right one press the shutter.
Kneel down and separate the weight on both of your knees.
Hold up your camera ready for the shoot, put the camera high up in front of your right eyes.
Don’t lean, take a deep breath before you press the shutter.

Step 1: Portable Tripod: Tired of Bring Tripod, Create One Yourself

Find a rope
Tie one end to the lens, the other drop on the ground
Stop on the other end on the ground and raise the camera slowly, stop when the rope is straight again.
Don’t be to pushy in case you break the lens.
Follow the first rule when the tripod is created

Step 2: Joe Mcnally Method

The feet stay the same as the first rule
Turn your upper body and face the left shoulder against the subject.
Hold the camera with your right hand, put the camera under your left shoulder below the clavicle.
Left hand put a little bit behind the right hand when holding the camera. Keep the weight of your body averagely separated on both knees, observe the frame with your left eye through the lens, take a deep breath before you shoot.



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