This instructable will tell you how to make a funny message appear on your desktop.

Step 1: Notepad

go to start-all programs-accessories-notepad. Stop!

Step 2: Code

Insert this code:

dim answer
answer=MsgBox("Are you stupid?",36,"ALERT")

Step 3: Saving

Go to Save as-desktop-type in stupid.vbs

Step 4:

Go to your desktop and click on it.
<p>i think someone suggested this code in another instructable.</p>
lol, i love it. thx.
Post a comment on any of my instructables.
Hey Cyrozap, I just posted my how to make a paper tank instructable in the epilog challenge
Even meaner:<br/><br/>Type<br/><br/>do<br/>dim answer<br/>answer=MsgBox(&quot;Are you stupid?&quot;,36,&quot;ALERT&quot;)<br/>loop<br/><br/>LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO.<br/>
That didn't work
I guess I'm stupid, then ;) .
no you're not
Thanks for the positive reinforcement.
Ok, just tested it, it does work. There is no real way to close it, though, except from task manager. I will post an update that will allow you to make it so that if they answer yes, it will give another message and then go away.
I changed a little what <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/extremegtafan/">extremegtafan</a> posted in the comments of the instructable <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-notepad-joke/">Simple notepad joke</a>:<br/><br/>dim answer<br/>answer=MsgBox(&quot;Are you stupid?&quot;,36,&quot;ALERT!&quot;)<br/>do while(answer&lt;&gt;6)<br/>x=msgbox(&quot;You're lying!!!&quot;,msg,&quot;LIAR!!!&quot;)<br/>answer=MsgBox(&quot;Are you stupid?&quot;,36,&quot;Question&quot;)<br/>loop<br/>x=msgBox(&quot;I knew you'd be honest.&quot;,msg,&quot;I knew it!&quot;)<br/>
That was the funniest thing i ever heard!
Your fixed are you stupid? thing
Oh, I just took what that other guy had and changed it for this instructable.
It doesn't matter who posted it, it just matters that you gave it to me
I'll fix it when I get around to it.
Oh, and change the title. Make it "VBS Script prank" or something. The title was misleading.

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