How to connect to an Argario server:

Step 1: Press Ctrl Shift I

Press Ctrl Shift I

Step 2: Go to Console

Go to Console

Step 3: Then Type Connect ("Ip")

There is a server IP list below. To connect to an IP, in your browser type Agar.io/?ip= and whatever IP.

Example: Agar.io/?ip= and replacing the with the IP.

After that click play.

Server IP list:


http://agarioplay.org/ http://agar.bz/ http://agarioplay.org/ http://agarca.com/ http://agarioplay.org/ http://abs0rb.me/ http://agarioplay.org/

If you want your server IP in this list leave a comment or message me your IP.

<h3>If you want your server IP in this list leave a comment or message me your IP.</h3>
<p> my ip address thank you so much bro </p>
<p>What's your port? Is it the default 443?</p>
<p>ya its 443</p>
<p>New way to connect to Agar.io servers by typing in </p><p><strong>Agar.io/?ip=</strong><strong><br><br></strong>And replacing the <strong></strong> with the ip.</p>
<p>Agario oynayın! &Ouml;zel Agar.io sunucusu; Okulda engellenmemiş sunucuya agar.io oynamak istiyorum! &ouml;zel sunucu agario io oyunları pvp server. &uuml;cretsiz halloween yeni aray&uuml;zler. http://agariowun.com </p>
<p>ım playing http://agar.bz</p>
<p>can I play</p>
<p>Yes, look up a server.</p>
great! favourited :)

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