Picture of Argentine Empanadas
my husband grew up in argentina, and has a love for their spanish/italian mesh of food- sounds interesting,eh??
i was always afraid to try anything that required actual making of dough, but this is very simple and turns out wonderfully!
the recipe comes from several tries and mess ups, so please appreciate!
they are REALLY fattening and delicious, so if you are worried about calorie counting, you are ON YOUR OWN with all of my recipes!


Picture of THE FILLING
1 lb ground beef
1/2 onion,chopped
1 jar sliced green olives
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 tbs cumin

brown ground beef and simmer with remaining ingredients for 10 minutes.

i have also made this with pulled pork, which also tastes great. pretty much any meat can be used, the cumin seems to make this recipe.
wyrwolf5 years ago
In Chile, their variation has a slices of hard-boiled egg.
It is also acceptable to BAKE them, so that there is less fat and fewer calories :-) 
Prisma Nova5 years ago
Oh wow, did not expect to find this recipe. Awesome!

You may also try to add paprika powder and red pepper into your current mix. Trust me, it adds a punch to the flavor.

I will have to try your doe recipe, since I always manage to by some at some specialized latino store. I wonder if this version can go to the oven? I think this can be done, perhaps by dabbing some oil before going into the oven (makes it less dry).

Skyking33917 years ago
In Houston there was a restaurnat that served Empanadas. They had fruit selections...the pineapple was fantastic!
carlos66ba7 years ago
You should also add pepper and crushed red peppers to the filling. Also, you can also opt to bake (400 F) rather than fry the empanadas (both ways are OK, and are traditional).
I Am argentinian and the most traditional way to eat these is baking them, they are soo nice! PD: In argentina you can buy a pack of dough circles for U$S 0.50! Besides, my mom makes the best filling that can be not only meat, also it can be fish or chicken (mmmmmm Fish empanadas) and makes the best closing for them!
Yep! Baked empanadas are great! You can even buy "discos de empanadas" from "La Saltena" brand (one of the best, I think) in some latin stores in the US. I am from Argentina too (Buenos Aires, but now living in the US).
You think? La Salteña is teh best fresh pasta brand EVARRRRRRRRR
PD i am from santa fe capital
paulgeering7 years ago
I live in the UK and my mum is from Argentina. For Mother's day this year I used this recipe to make a surprise meal for her. They were awesome! Thank you mollypierucci.
mollypierucci (author)  paulgeering7 years ago
that is too sweet! :D you are very welcome!
SpinWard7 years ago
Can these be made with fruit? Looks great, I'll have to try this. Great instructable!
mollypierucci (author)  SpinWard7 years ago
they can- we made apple turnovers with them, it was awesome! (just buy a can of cinnamon apples!)
netzuke7 years ago
Seems easy to do
i like your cynic pitch :"EAT WHAT YOU WANT, YOU WILL DIE OF CANCER ONE DAY !!!'
It is so true
Lauchazo7 years ago
vaaaaamos! que lindo ver este instructable, che!
mollypierucci (author)  Lauchazo7 years ago
gracias! :D
xtank57 years ago
Almost like a perogie. I love perogies. I'll probably love these.
Ooh yay, another yummy Instructable! Great job, I hope to see more!
mollypierucci (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
it will be a week, i suppose i will do one every weekend when i cook, which is every weekend. glad someone likes!
:-) Did you add me on Myspace yet?