Have you ever just been traveling the dystopian underworld and just been having a really bad day. Or fighting for survival at the edge of civilization, perhaps even had pirates attempting to board your airship? You wouldn't have to worry if you had your trusty Sentinel sidearm at hand.

This project was in essence I wanted to create something. I had been browsing steampunk galleries of firearms and was impressed and wanted to again make my mark. Of course I feel I completely missed the mark, even though I have been told "Steampunk is what you make of it" I fail to achieve any features distinct to the genre. None the less I'm satisfied for the time being.

Step 1: Selection and Breakdown

So while I wanted to make a pistol, I didn't want to start from scratch as I've done before. I wanted something that looked good and felt good but wasn't all the work. I went to the neighborhood thrift store, looking for maybe a bb gun or somethign similar. I did happen to come across a hot glue gun that jumped out at me though, and as cheap as it was, seemed as good a place as any to start.

I hope this goes without saying, but DO NOT have this plugged in.

The case had 3 screws in it, although the fact that it was a glue gun made it a little harder to crack open than just that. Undo the screws, and take a razer, I used an xacto knife, and work along the seem. Cut any glue that may be holding it shut and you might have to work it a little to get it to pop open.

Once I got it open I took a chance to pull everything out and get  a look at it. First thing I did was take off the yellow caps and disconnect the cord. The wires were just twisted together and caps like that only screw on so it wasn't difficult. The tip screwed in, and had the glue holding it in, but some work with a wrench got it loose. The rubber sleeve and spring, probably a heatsink, probably didn't need to come off, but it made the next step a little easier.
can i buy this from you
aaww man thats awesome gotta make something like that myself
if you bought it new why does it have glue on it? or was it old?
It was old, from a thrift store
oh . cool project btw
Great , clear, (fairly) simple instructable. Although, the gun looks closer to diesel, or cyberpunk
yeh the sort of gun the totalitarian leaders would have. while the hero would have a much more damaged looking gun. although this is still pretty bad a55
Very nice, you did a good job making use of your found items. I think my main suggestion would be to add some scrap leather to the handle, give it a bit more of a dystopian feel, and break up the shape of the glue gun.
I actually had some thicker pieces from a lifting belt that I was considering putting on but they just made it uncomfortable to hold. I think I might have some thiner stuff laying around. Thanks though. I've admired a lot of your work for a while.

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