Picture of Argyle Duct Tape Belt/Braclet
This is my first instructable so I want to make it a good one. My belt broke so I decided to make a new one out of duct tape. I made a bunch of braclets like this a few months ago so I knew what to do. If you dont know what argyle is look at the picture. Its pretty much a checkered pattern made with squares or dimonds and it has lines through it. Most people know what 'argyle socks' are. This is argyle. Instead of argyle you can make it checkered or striped. Whatever you want. I have made braclets like this in a bunch of different colors and I have learned that you dont want a really bright color for the squares. So mine is going to have a silver/gray base with white squares and black lines.

A Long strip of gray/silver duct tape for base
A strip of white for the squares
A strip of black for the stripes

This will make it look like gray and white squares with black lines. You can change the colors to whatever you want
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Step 1: Make the base

Picture of Make the base
Get a peice of duct tape long enough for a belt or braclet. Carefully fold it in half length wise. This will be the base. For my belt Im using regular silver/gray.

Step 2: Cut out squares

Picture of Cut out squares
Im using white for the squares. Cut a peice of duct tape 4-6 inches long and cut it into 4 long strips. Then cut each strip into squares.

Step 3: Adding the squares

Picture of Adding the squares
Now you put the squares on the base. You can have them lined up with the edge or hanging off the edge. Either way it will turn out normal. Personaly I like them to hang over the edge. Try to make the squares look like a checkerboard.

Step 4: Continue...

Picture of Continue...
Keep adding squares untill the whole belt or braclet it covered. This can take a lot of time...
this looks like it would be rather easy, and it is real cool lookin
where do you get white duck tape???
same place you get regular grey...hello Walmart. if you go to walgreens or cvs, they only have grey and this ugly stuff they claim is 'clear'
kraken19887 years ago
nice belt idea. If its done right, it would be awesome! I'll try it later. Also, any tips on cutting duct tape? Sounds hard.
I replied to thenewkj above, so look at that.
or below. :P
thenewkj6 years ago
this looks awesome.. you must have a LOT of patience my friend.. I'd also like to know what you use to cut the duct tape. I usually just rip it.. havnt had any luck cutting it.. especially into such small squares and lines!
I made a psp case with duct tape and created a chrome psp logo. I found that putting strips of duct tape on clean (possibly even varnished) scrap wood and cutting it with a razor works.
Bor7 years ago
I <3 Duct tape :P This is a great idea!
ringofrizz7 years ago
Awesome! All of my Friends want me to make them one!
HolaThomas7 years ago
looks more plaid
Sk8rDuck (author)  HolaThomas7 years ago
Plaid is also called tartan and Argyle is said to have been derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell. Plaid and Argyle may be related but they are to different type of patterns
I have tartan pants :) yep
Sunbanks7 years ago
I made a belt out of duck tape and it was red and black *nods* yep it is awesome
implaxis8 years ago
3M makes some nice red and blue duct tape. It's really great for projects like this. Less sticky and prone to wear than the regular gray stuff.
Sk8rDuck (author) 8 years ago
good idea ;) When I made this I spent forever editing it because I kept thinking I was forgeting something... Now I know what it was!
Having a little trouble following your steps. I'm guessing you mean you used white tape for the squares. Perhaps it'd be easier if you added in a list of materials into step one (To edit, just logon and click on your instructable, then hit the edit button located near the "We're hiring!" link). Other then that, nice.