Super fun and easy! Only takes about thirty minutes to make and looks fabulous!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

Two or three strands of yarn
(This means you'll need two to three balls of yarn of any colors)


And, of course, your arms!
<p>Easy, pretty, amazing!</p>
great instructions...very easy to make...looks great!
I was looking at making a scarf for my fianc&eacute;e for Christmas, I may just give this a try. Thank you for this! :-)
<p>Need advice--------------went to Michaels for yarn but many have different yardage. I found bulky, now I just need to figure out how many yards on each skein. Made a scarf but ran out of yarn at the end UGH!!! Thanks for any info!!</p>
<p>i look so tired in this photo i had just passed out during giving blood but i got so many compliments on this! i DID write about it in my blog </p><p>http://snowfall-boyle.blogspot.com/</p>
I made this with Bergere de France eve so soft
Thank you! I will probably make a video this weekend.
I've never even heard of this type of knitting before--I love the large-scale knit of your project and how easy you made the motions (And keeping track of them) look! Can't wait to try it as well--hopefully you will have a video up by then to make it easier ;-)
Thanks, I will try to make a video once I can find enough yarn somewhere around here... I'm not sure if there is enough left on that roll if yarn.
so awesome!!! I sent it to my daughter as well. yes please for a little video...I am a visual learner as well...we would b so grateful..
Thanks! I recommend bulky yarn if you are talking about brands... I honestly forgot what brand this yarn was, sorry to say but I got them on sale a Michaels. And no, I haven't thought of adding beads but it sounds like it would turn out great! Thanks so much for the idea!
This is a very neat project! What kind of yarn do u recommend? Have you tried putting random beads on the strands as you go?
sounds cool! I'm definitely going to try it!
very cool could possibly make a video tutorial as well? I've never knit before so I was a bit confused

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