Picture of Arm Warmers: T-shirt Upcycle
So my coat for this winter, although beautiful, does not have sleeves. Which makes for some really unhappy arms in snowy weather. It's also a pain to have to wear long-sleeve shirts all the time just to cater to my coat, SO to remedy this, I made my own pair of arm warmers out of an old long-sleeve shirt that I no longer wear.

What you'll need to make your own:
-Long sleeved shirt
-Needle and thread
-Sewing machine/serger (I used both in this project)
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Step 1: Cut off sleeves

Picture of Cut off sleeves
Take your long sleeve shirt and cut the sleeves off.
I cut mine off as close to the seam as I could because I wanted them to be as long as possible, but you can really make them any length you like.

Step 2: Fit them to your arm

Picture of Fit them to your arm
All you're doing here is fitting the sleeve to your arm better. The shirt I used was too big for me so the arms were really loose. If the shirt you use fits better in the arms then you can just skip this step.

Turn the sleeve inside out and put it on your arm. On mine, I wanted them to hang down to about my knuckles so I fit them with that in consideration.
Using the original seam as a guide, pin the sleeve so it fits snugly on your arm. (It was sort of hard to do this one-handed so you may want to have a friend help with this)
I then serged along where I pinned.
InTheory1 year ago
Where did you get that wonderful coat?
sbyrne23 years ago
I love this idea. I like wearing t-shirts in the winter any my arms get cold,
and yes. Indeed, that coat is absolutely beautiful! So glad you came up with a workable solution! (and shared it!-ty!)
Those look lovely! I love arm warmers!
TristaGee (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks! They're also super quick and easy to do. I can't wait to make another pair out of thrifted sweater I just got. :)