Armed Tracked Vehicle





Introduction: Armed Tracked Vehicle

Ok so the idea here, is simply a armed tracked possibly amphibious vehicle.
the idea behind this project is, stream-lined, cheap, durable, and fun either a RC vehicle or a land based drone using the beloved arduino
i started with the turret simply because i had the materials available to me. 
its a basic design using
The Turret
1, 8mm ID, skateboard bearing
1/4" lexan
2" PVC
6" "lazy Susan" turn table bearing
smart parts ion. This maker is a prime choice for this project for its simple streamlined design
standard size servos (3... pan, tilt, trigger)
10/32 bolts, nuts, and washers
The turret is not complete yet, it is still being fitted and tinkered with, i still have to work on mounting the gun fixture into the turret mount with out it falling out, and mounting all the pneumatic's.

there is more to come very soon, bearings for the wheels are on the way, and a nifty idea for a magnetic based suspension system lingering in my head. But im not going to get ahead of myself yet, as for now enjoy my protype, and if you have suggestions feel fee.



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Where can we get more technical information ?

Are you going to show how you put it together once the problem that you are having is fixed