Picture of Armless Crossbow
This is my armless crossbow. It uses a common rail design found on many Instructables on this site. The trigger may or may not be original; it's been so long since I made this that I don't remember. If it is yours, please comment and I'll give you credit.

Step 1: Upper Barrel

Picture of Upper Barrel
Here you will be building the barrel. It can be as long as you like; just remember to add one rubber band to the chain for every four segments of body. I have tested this number and it is the most accurate way to get a good amount of power from this gun. The barrel shown here uses a chain of three rubber bands. Build what you see in the pictures. Build only one.
CMPassTime11 months ago
If It Doesn't Have Arms, It Is Not A Crossbow, It Is A Shotbow.
is this hard 2 make
how far does it shoot?
mettaurlover (author)  builderguy1013 years ago
I haven't had this thing for over three years.
treebie6 years ago
i made it piece by piece bu i cant figure out the firing mechanism with the rubber bands and such 0.o can you make a vid on youtube? please
mettaurlover (author)  treebie6 years ago
no; i do NOT post videos. maybe i'll add notes now that ive figured out how.
swimmer956 years ago
what is the purple piece at the end of the trigger
mettaurlover (author)  swimmer956 years ago
oh, that's the same as a grey one-slot.it came in a box with weirdly colored pieces.
razzlekunai6 years ago
So it's a slingshot.
mettaurlover (author)  razzlekunai6 years ago
yes. it's actually pretty easy to make and uses relatively few pieces for its type