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Introduction: Rune Cutters Past Projects

About: I'm a frustrated artist, happily married, retired military and a reenactor. I love to find things that I don't think archaeologist got quite right and then figure out the nuts and bolts of things. ...

From my shop, this is a slideshow of some Instructables I'll be doing in the future



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    This isn't  an Instructable more like a "Look at what I made". Looks cool and did a good job in all but unless you show the process of how to make and where to get the materials. Its more like Show n Tell then a Instructable.

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    Click on his underlined name. It is a link to other things he has posted. Put some effort in before griping...

    I wasn't Griping, i was saying this is a good project but unless i went to the wrong website this is right not www.Slide show of Cool im not knocking his work i think i looks cool as Sh**. But i have followed this website for a long time and unless he Shows HOW it was made and HOW i can make it then its Still a Show & Tell. Rune Cutter i think u did an awesome job on the Suit i just wish u showed us how to make so i could at least attempt it ( i know it wouldn't come out nearly as good as yours ) but would be fun to try. Keep up the good work look forward to seeing more from you.

    My two slide shows are just that slide shows on the "Submit" menu the discription of slideshow reads "Slideshows are for showing off photos of what you made or did, but don't have full instructions to create an Instructable with"

    Check in from time to time and you'll see a lot of the projects added over time, but I did them before I knew there was such a place as "Instructables"

    I've got a new camera so I should be adding videos.

    As far as "griping" no problem, fact is if you see something on my page that ticks you off, you've got a right to say so.  If people did that more often problems would be resolved more simply.

    I look forward to seeing your Projects

    Thanks for the defense, I took in in stride, because some voices are like the sound of a gentle wind, they really don't mean anything other then they are there

    A gentle response from a man swinging a big hammer. Truly awesome!

    People make comments like yours on nearly every single slideshow. Showing what you have made is the purpose of slideshows.

    I have made similar comments on some slideshows; specifically those which have nothing to do with instructables.

    This slideshow is what the slideshows are meant to be... a showcase of DIY or similarly instructable worthy items.

    Slideshows that are collections of puppy pictures or family members are pointless and tedious and ridiculous. This member has posted a few nice instructables, and is using a slideshow in its proper place; as a repository for images of things he has made (and may or may not be posting instructables for)...

    I'm still wrestling with this platform but I've edited in some simple one lines on some of the pics, I'm really enjoying getting this stuff recorded so I'll be doing a lot more stuff to journal my works and shop, thanks for the feed back, drop by anytime

    You had some images of you sitting at what I think was a loom... was it? 

    Yes it's a vertical warp weighted loom based on a one bad picture from the Oslo ship, it allows continous weaving with tablets without reversing which allows weave patterns not possible on an Inkle loom