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Now this is my first instruct able so tell me how I'm doing AND I Apoligize for lack of pictures

Step 1: First Step

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The first thing you have to do is measure the size of you're torso I like shoulder to belly button because shoulder straps make It hang
And then I do it side to side now you cut the mattireal that you want the duct tape to be placed on

Step 2: Cutting

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Now I prefer to cut with exacto knife on hard surface but you may also use other cutting items (I am using card board)once you have cut It to your liking it's time for the next step

Step 3: Shoulder Straps

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The shoulder straps are easy first you overlap a strip of duct tape your size then you start the next step

Step 4: The Face

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Now that you have done the straps you tape them under the duct tape on the front and back I prefer silver tape or gold tape but any works

Step 5: Side Straps

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Now you need to tape waist straps under other tape on front or back face just like on shoulder straps

Step 6: Finish

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Voila a nice chest plate follow me to see update coming soon


seamster (author)2015-04-24

Thanks for sharing your first instructable! You're doing great and are on the right track.

If you get the chance, I think adding a photo of the finished item in the intro as the cover image will really help. Just a thought! :)

That guy cool (author)seamster2015-04-27

Thanks for the tip

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