Picture of (Army Cadets) Webbing set up
This is an instructable on what to carry in your webbing. In the field you need some essential kit to live and work comfortably. This is only Army Cadets so I won't go into too drastic detail.

As a senior cadet I tend to carry some extra kit. This is usually used for added duties which may not apply to you. I have a fair experience on this subject. But my preference may not necessarily suit you. Think up your own set-up this will help you remember in the long run.

p.s. this is my first instructable so go easy on me please
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Step 1: My set of webbing

Picture of my set of webbing
ok on my webbing i have (from right to left):-

1:Leathermans pouch

2:Double ammo pouch

3:Water bottle pouch

4:Water bottle pouch

5:utility pouch

6:Double ammo pouch

and on my back i also have a water bladder pouch

Step 2: 1:Leathermans pouch

Picture of 1:Leathermans pouch
ok in this pouch i have:-

1: multi tool

2: disposable litter

Step 3: Right Double ammo pouch

Picture of Right Double ammo pouch
in the right half of this pouch i have:-

1:map case

2:camouflage cream

3:duck tape


5:flannelette for cleaning rifles

6:communication cord

7:combination tool for gas stoppages on the LSW

8:coins to put in the magazines to stop the working parts for being held back (2p's)

9:mine tape

in the left had side i have:-

1:model kit

2:pink saftey whistle


4:right angle torch

5:glow sticks

Step 4: First Water bottle pouch

Picture of First Water bottle pouch
In this pouch i have:-

1:sun tan cream

2:first aid kit

3:water bottle

4:saftey foil blanket

Step 5: Second Water bottle pouch

Picture of Second Water bottle pouch
In this pouch i carry :-

1:electrical tape

2:gortex waterproof jacket

3:emergency rations

Step 6: Utility pouch

Picture of Utility pouch
in this one i carry:-

1:wool hat

2:leather gloves

3:gas cooker

4:gas bottle

5:metal mug

6:tea towel

7:knife, fork and spoon set

Step 7: Second Double ammo pouch

Picture of Second Double ammo pouch
in this pouch i have in the left side:-

1:two magazines

in the right i have:-

1:rifle cleaning kit

Step 8: Water bladder pouch

Picture of water bladder pouch
ok this is the pouch i have on my back. and in it i will carry

1:shemagh scarf


3:note book

i will also carry anything else i get given on a camp.
e.g. rounds, ration, orders book, ect.
I am a Canadian cadet and at a cstc (cadet summer training center) and we only get pistol belt with 1 canteen if you find one surplus get it the are so many survival uses for a pistol belt
where did you get that note book in step 8? its totaly koolio
tads_leumas (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
it was a x-mas present from my company
are you in the french reserve? i saw the gun (a famas, i think. corect me if im wrong.) and i think its a french gun.
Not a FAMAS, though it does show the same bullpup style mag feed. The rifle he has is an L85, the standard British assault rifle. Up until the 80's, Britain was still using single shot rifles, only recently have they adopted the "spray n' pray" mentality.
being a cadet, isn't he holding an l98 cadet semi-auto variant of the l85?
From me being a cadet (air cadet) chances are that's not an L85 it is probably an L98A1 or A2 depending on how long ago this was taken. The L98 has had the change lever removed so it can not fire on full automatic and the A2 is semi-automatic unless you change the gas plug round where as you have to re-cock the L98A1 after each shot which was just a pain.
thats pretty awsome,if you dont mind my saying so.
That is a notepad cover, they are used frequently in cadets.
I myself have one :) they are great to protect pads, and pens :P
they are these
dude thanks so much!!
anytime :)
sarge695 years ago
what is a shemagh?
Anykey sarge693 years ago
It's also named Keffieh
a popular arabian scarf
GnomeMaster3 years ago
I'm confused, I'm an army cadet and we don't get to carry on while on ex... I think you're lying!
yoshi13 years ago
Do navy cadets get this stuff?
mysss4 years ago
what is "mine tape?" Sorry, I'm not military, so I'm just reading this for the hell of it.
Tobita5 years ago
A quick note on the shemagh/goutra: if wearing a cap, fold the goutra on the diagonal and place it so that the fold is just past your forehead, then put on your cap and throw the ends behind and when expecting dust/sand/whatever simply pull one end over your mouth, throw it around back and do the same with the other end, PERFECT!
hocfutue5 years ago
 If you're only carrying one water bottle, scrounge up/private purchase one of the metal P44 water bottles and cups. You can stick 'em on the stove/fire and heat them up directly. Great for when the bottle freezes or you want a brewup.
survivalist5 years ago
a shemagh is kind of like scrim crossed with a table cloth , it is used by the sas.  you wear it in the same way as you do scrim
survivalist5 years ago
great instrucable I do air force cadets in aus but i have only beengoing for a year! what kind of webbing do you have?? what rifle are youcarrying. an item you migh find useful is a flint, these are cheap andvery reliable providing you have the right tinder :)
kicker1096 years ago
AFC is betta
no... army all the way!
i will have to disagree
yeah, afc is better in some ways... but i just seem to prefer army...
aseaheru5 years ago
if you brit, or not, i say this, british = cool/nice/better than americans like me
wolfy_90055 years ago
Only 2 mags? Seems a bit light.....maybe this is for training only? Personally if i was going into combat i'd want maybe 6-10 mags. Sure their extra weight, but owell. An extra buttpack with a 200rnd FN Minimi/M249 Para(shorter, but same gun essentially) belt in it is a definate plus :)
this is cadets, no battles here ;)
wolfy_90055 years ago
Cant see it too well, but you definately need to break up the chin line a bit, maybe with a bit of scrim or something. Also, try and get something to cover the belt, since it is fairly noticeable(maybe not so much when your laying down). Stitch some leather onto the inside of your pants to protect your knee's, and some along your forearms for when you are crawling. Better then getting a sharp stick jabbed into your arm :) I have enough experience to be of help should you ever need it(and i doubt you will need the help even if i offer). Webbing in aus is different from the webbing in the UK(and your obviously from the UK, just from the rifle, unless some other countries have adopted it.......)
nah, us aussies dont get to carry rifles too much, the best we get is to shoot the F88 on camps... and yeah, the webbing is way different. so are the canteens XD
smify905 years ago
its only for cadet use so it only going to be used in sectiona attack adn the like, it doesnt include the mag already in the rifle, but i do argree only 2??
wolfy_90055 years ago
Shemaghs are sweet :)
chuckr445 years ago
Hi, I'm from the US. What is "mine tape"?
how do you use the gas cooker?
tads_leumas (author)  Thelonelysandwitch6 years ago
well you put it all together then use a liter to lite it, i would dig a little pit to put it in but i just dont have the time to do that. so i just fine somewere flat to use it.
oh cool. what gas do u use.
tads_leumas (author)  Thelonelysandwitch6 years ago
what ever will fit, burn and is cheap, but is is a self sealing, 230g Cartridge butane and propane mix, but i have a new stove now
how long does it burn for?
Im a scout and we carry some stuff too. I carry duct tape, a multi tool, a fire steel, a fenix pd30 plashlight, my wallet (lock picks included), and my cell phone (of corse with camera).
you bring lock picks to scouts?
yeah, we get locked, or lock people in weird places, and you need to know how to get out. this also helps when we loose the key to the trailer.
ok thats useful
all ways
Locking people in the back room... thats a common occurrence at my Explorers meetings.. to bad its a sliding lock, and not a pick-able variety.
ha ha, if you wiggle the sliding door, it could open.
Nice instructables, when you say cadets I am assuming you mean ROTC and not JROTC right? I am in JROTC right now and we have never needed half the stuff here. Regardless, I think most of the stuff you put here is very handy.
I love the ghille suit, i have been trying to make one for a long time now
ledzep5677 years ago
let me know if you ever get to use the Knight armament M110 sniper rifle.
footer07 years ago
Hello, :D! Im in the army too. I would like to see you post and Instructable of the Ghillie Suit if you can, I'm a sniper. Well sniper for Airsoft any ways... but im fairly good and im rarely seen so this could really help me! thank you.
(removed by author or community request)
tads_leumas (author)  teaaddict3147 years ago
i only have a lighter out of ease really but we always get wind and water proof matches in the ration packs as well
Failing that, I like to carry Ray Mears in an expanding pouch. That man can make fire out of anything.
Mag maybe as a "okay I got one" backup. Why you ask? All gas stations, convenience stores, sells lighters. Try to find a mag at 99.999% of the stores you walk into.
(removed by author or community request)
Availability and cost. Lighters sell for about 8 for a dollar. Lighters are available everywhere. Mags are available in the sporting goods department at some Wal-Marts but the price is $10 each on eBay. "Gee, Colonel, how come we can't have gas instead of bolts? " "Gee, I don't know sarge. Maybe its because we already have 20 million bolts and gas costs 15 times as much."
what ever you're talking about, it's completly irrelevant. point is, magflint is better than lighter. end of story.
Grow up kid. Fusion lighter better than magstick.
(removed by author or community request)
Private: Yeah Sarge, these new magsticks work on the third or the forth strike, but now how do we stop the enemy from eating our lunch now that the army has purchased these instead of more bullets?

Sarge: OK. Everybody get out their magstick and start strikin' on the count of three... At 2500K the enemy won't want anything to do with us.

Private: Gee Sarge, I never thought of that...
(removed by author or community request)
dude "thinkahead" cool ur jets man he was just making a sugestion i would personally like on of these magsticks anyway because dosnt the army give zippos out(or is that just WW2?)and why would the enemy just want the guys lunch
enemy private-hey sarge why didnt we kill the guys instead of just eating there lunch
enemy sarge- i dont know ask thinkahead
(removed by author or community request)
Economics is science and a science with laws. Ignore them and they will kill you faster than anti-gravity boots.
ok that's fine. go use a lighter. just make sure you make it clear what your talking about in regards to ""Gee, Colonel, how come we can't have gas instead of bolts? " "Gee, I don't know sarge. Maybe its because we already have 20 million bolts and gas costs 15 times as much."" seriously, what was that about?
Rob K7 years ago
I want a L85A1 but they don't even have the civilain model over here in the US. Think it is because it is a Short Barrel Rifle. Guess I will have to get an airsoft one.
tads_leumas (author)  Rob K7 years ago
The L98A1 cadet general purpose rifle is a bad rifle but we are hoping to get the L98A2 which will have gas part. so it will fire on single shot instead of it being bolt action
I am an army cadet as well. but im state side. thats interesting that you call it webbing. we usually call our set up lbe (load bearing equipment) or lce(load carrying equipment) we use m16a2's and they are fully functional but are pretty old. we drill with them every monday, and use them on ftx's. Hooah! good luck bro nice way to put all your stuff together
tads_leumas (author)  harryman7 years ago
that looks like a cool weapon the ones we use are really bad at the moment and we were promised then about 10years ago but it never happend
harryman: webbing vs. lbe - that's because you guys love your acronyms! Tads, that's an interesting instructible. I was in the Royal Artillery Cadets, Herts and Beds Yeomanry back in the nineties. It doesn't seem like that long ago, but we were very poorly equipped compared to what you guys carry today. We met in a portakabin in a council car park and did our exercises in a narrow strip of nearby woodland. And as for the webbing....'57 issue webbing belts and pouches were neither comfortable nor accessible. Heh, get me - I'm only 35 and I sound like an old man! Oh, and I wouldn't worry about "new" weapons - you know how many times they've modified the SA80 (and its descendants), and it STILL doesn't work! We had de-activated Lee Enfield .303 Number Fours with solid lead barrels for drills and exercises, and we only got to fire .22s on the range. Still, I sated my weapons lust with the occasional bout of clay pigeon shooting with my Dad.
how did your brother make the ghillie suit? but very nice instructable btw
tads_leumas (author)  thisonegoesto117 years ago
dose every one want me to make an instructable on how i made to ghillie suit my brother is wareing
yes! its on of the best ive seen on this site! and when i play airsoft or paintball i can have a good webbing kit and ghillie suit its two in one!
tads_leumas (author)  thisonegoesto117 years ago
i will do but it my take me a little bit of time to do it thought sorry about that but i will do it for you
thats kool but theres no rush take you time, we'll be waiting
Ibanezfoo7 years ago
More ammo! Can never have enough. Stuff it in your pants if you have to!
thinkahead7 years ago
Come to think of it there is one thing you could do... The pocket stove Instructable I published... For several reasons I think this might be helpful in a combat situation. If so then I'll add several other innovations.
tads_leumas (author)  thinkahead7 years ago
that good but it not very effective in the wind and rain. many the wind thought and it could be hard to get out and set up quickly
Hi, great first instructable... I have a quick question about Cadets in the UK. In Australia "Army Cadets" is open to 13-18 year olds. We drill with rifles and fire them on a static range, but never carry them in the field. Officer Cadets are part of the "real" army and are students of the Royal Military College. Are you in (high School) Cadets) or Military College? (It's been 12 years since I was in Cadets at school, but I still keep in touch with the unit). Though all my friends now have great radio procedure and first aid training ;)
tads_leumas (author)  urbanbicyclist7 years ago
no i am not in a college or anything like that, but we do have school and college groups over hear they are the CCF but i am in the ACF. the best way of putting it is like being in a club like the scout but we have rifle. we also are allowed to use the rifle in the feild and fire them in section and platoon attacks we can join form 12 and stay till we are 18. any others question please do ask
ker-boom1017 years ago
hey im in scouts ( yeah i know not a real big deal) but my leader was talking about his days back in army cadets and i was wondering how i have to join army cadets if im in canada? please reply thanks
budsiskos7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
What are you talking about?
(removed by author or community request)
thet sir, is called teh timezone.. according to teh fect that he uses a L85A1, i thnik hes from england, and if you are from america, he could be on the fifth, adn you on the fourth :) sir
posted in OUTDOOR & KIDS didnt know kids could enlist
army CADETS...geez
dentsinger7 years ago
When you're in the military, you're told what you're supposed to carry. Then you're inspected to make sure you have it. Extra stuff just increases your weight and slows you down. The mission will dictate the need for any "special hardware" to be handed out. Have fun.
tads_leumas (author) 7 years ago
what do you want me to do and instructable on. and its not that hard to run around im my ghillie suit because i kit i have is nearly 2stone anyway
Cool! I like all army stuff. My friend Nick is in the Navy Seals thing.
Aar000n3y7 years ago
Interesting look into the set up of your kit. I just have one question... Why is an army survival kit in the kids section?..
Cool to see the British Army Cadets I can tell by your gun and the colour of your camo pattern. A Ghillie Suit Would be hard to run in wouldn't it.
Ramnosity7 years ago
Cool, nice instructable. Cool gun too.