Ever have a parachute for your little army men?  We had a 2nd story balcony growing up and loved to throw all kinds of things off of it.  One of those being army men with parachutes.

This instructable will show you how to make a parachute for the Paracord Army Man.

You will need the following: a mylar sheet (purchased at craft store or party store) that is about 19"-20" square, left over center cord from the 22" lengths of paracord used in the Army Man, paper clip, masking tape, scissors, lighter, protractor and a ruler.

Step 1: Cut the Parachute Circle

Spread out a 20"x20" mylar sheet.  Fold it in half then fold it in half again so it is 1/4 of its size.  Make a quarter circle template and overlay it on the folded mylar so that the center of the template is on the corner that is the center of the mylar.  Trim off the mylar corners using the template.  Unfold to produce a mylar circle.

The PDF file has a template for a quarter circle with a radius of 10".  Trim the first sheet at the edge of the printed lines and overlay it on the second sheet taping it together.  Cut out the quarter circle template.  Or you can make your own by taping sheets of paper together.  Tape a piece of string at the center point, measure the string for your radius and draw a quarter circle using a pencil attached to the string at the measured radius.

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