Army Picture





Introduction: Army Picture

One day I saw the picture on Pinterest. Yes, it is suitable to my son's room. Lets go.

Step 1: Stencil, Project

I opened original photo into IrfanView, clicked button Image, next Effect, Effect browser, and select Edge detection or Find Edges and finally saved as pdf format. PDF, because this format giving much less distortion during increase image. I opened pdf file and printed as poster, tile scale 750%.

Step 2: Stencil, Cutting

Next step, I glued all parts together and protect cutting area by masking tape, then cut using sharp knife.

Step 3: Board

Board is made from old, single use, pallets. I cut planks, little sanded and glued using additional two planks backside. Several hours later, using propane torch, slighty charring.

Step 4: Painting

I put stencil on board, along edges nailed a few pins to protect unwanted painting and painted using acrylic black mat spray. Ready.



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    Neat! Also, amazingly dramatic image: the movement of the helicopter is so well captured. :-)

    Thank You. Yes,I very like it. I watched many silhouette pictures about army and only this one has dynamic, action and dramatic.