Step 5: Using Ranger Beads

Ranger beads work the same as an abacus. It's really not that hard to use...

First, find your pace count. For most people it's between 60 and 70 left steps for 100 meters. You can find out what yours is by measuring off the distance, then walk normally and count every time your left foot hits the ground (or right foot. It doesn't matter, just use the same foot each time).

Now, every time you walk that many steps, pull down one of the lower beads. Each one stands for 100 meters you've walked.

When you've pulled all of those down, pull down one of the top ones AND push all the lower ones back up. This represents 1000 meters.

Repeat the process for however far you're going.

There you have it. Trust me, it'll make your life easier in the field, especially if you're sorta absent-minded like myself. Hope this was helpful!
AntiQuest1 year ago
Very useful instruct able. I've been making some wooden and leather sets for Live Action Roleplayers. (They're using them to count off enemy numbers as well as distance counting between objectives for the main group.)
Davis atc1 year ago
i made some with my girl scouts using pink and white para cord, beads were slip knots burnt at the end. Just like I was taught. who needs a pedometer when you have these!
nice way of counting how far you have walked. have you ever forgotten what number you were up to while you were walking?
dphillips24 years ago
Thank you so much for your guide!!! 

I would like to share how I get the beads onto the cord quickly, maybe it will help someone doing this in the future.
the picture is wrong, but I think you guys can figure out what I tried to do. essentially I used an inner strand as a pull cable and pulled the bite of the cord through all the beads at one.

take care
asteidl4 years ago
Nice instructable. Very informative steps. Thank you for writing this. I'm a civilian, but I'm in the process of quitting smoking, and this might very well help me to keep my mind on math, rather than on the almighty cigarette, while I'm trying to exercise. Truth be told, I wish I had joined the military when I graduated high school, but, the damn Ritalin, etc kept me from it. Damn recruiters, rofl. :P Anyway, maybe even as a civvie, I can learn how to use a abacus-related tool, used by the military, and it might even help me quit a deadly addiction to tobacco.

Cheers, Nikcdc! And thanks.

Adam Steidl, civilian.