Army Tent Made From Half Pipe





Introduction: Army Tent Made From Half Pipe

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Ever want an army style tent but just cant afford it. if you Have an unused half pipe setting around you can Turn it into an army tent clubhouse. If your fortunate enough to be Canadian and traded a case of moose head for a half pipe and salmon . Then it's not expensive. This project cost me under $60.

Step 1: Flip Upright

My quarter pipes are 8ftx8ftx4ft made of fibre glass. Flip them upright. I used some 4x8 sheets of plywood for the base then put the quarter pipes on top.

Step 2: Build Wall and Door

I used the middle section of the half pipe and cut it to the shape of the tent. Then bolted it on and cut a door . Two hinges and that's done. I then washes it inside and out with tsx. And then paint.

Step 3: Paint

I used a gallon of outdoor paint. Two coats.

Step 4: Decorate

I used 2'x2' fuzzy interlocking floor panels to cover the floor and furnished



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    Because its my towns first half pipe from the 90's they were going to throw it away out I then traded a case of beer for it. Having nowhere to set it up to ride I'm storing it as a clubhouse. :)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? Why? Whyyyyy? Don't you think governments raze enough skateparks as it is? Why on earth would you encourage people to do so in private as well?

    An ibble on making that T Rex would be cool. I have a class C for my army tent, I call it Dodge Lodge at Fort40.

    2" foam and proper application of growth medium, seeds and viola it will look like a "bush". Super-insulated hideaway.

    maybe put large gate hinge on the centers with some sort of roller system and a winch setup to control the spreading descent of the ramps

    No I don't however there is an ible on the site. I just used half inch plywood. He has survived three winters outside

    thats awesome! but what I want to know is, do you have an Instructable for that dinosaur sculpture and what is it made out of?

    It is a sort of skate boarding ramp type thing. You know, the type that almost everybody has lying about, unused, in our gardens. ;-)

    I love it, but I'm curious could you have joined the half-pipe inverted to create a domed tent rather than one with a temple type top?

    Cool! I will have to try this when I have half pip kicking around!?

    Oh man. Now build two sections to make vert to vert transition and wake up those who sleep! Cool dude love it!! BAD BRAINS