Introduction: Aromatherapy for Organic Poultry. Update - Wounded Cochin Cockerel. Aromatherapie Pour Volaille Bio

Update on Hastings, our Cochin cockerel, who was wounded on the comb, wattles and around the eyes in a fight with his two brothers. Here he is all better after just one more treatment with essential oil other than the one I showed you in the previous film. The morning after the first treatment I noticed, that due to being pecked between his comb and eye, the eye lid had suffered trauma and began to swell up. I treated the area once more with the lavender and tea tree essential oil and gave him some more organic coconut oil to eat and smoothed some more into his skin. As you can see from the film he is now back to his old perky self. I also refrained from putting him back in the garden for three days and after that if we were ever absent from the house, we took him out with us. He particularly enjoyed our visit to the organic dairy farm where we get our grain, as they also keep a flock of chickens, which he could see from the car window.!


sunshiine (author)2012-10-25

Thanks so much for sharing this information! I appreciate home remedies.

Pavlovafowl (author)sunshiine2012-11-05

No problem you are very welcome. The more people use these instead of branded and/or chemical products, the happier it makes me. Best Wishes Sunshiine from Pavlovafowl aka Sue in cold but sunny France.

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