Introduction: Arrange Your Eggs!(Easy)

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If you bought too many eggs and doesnt fit your fridge, try these easy steps!

Step 1: All You Need Is

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A pair of scissors

Eggs plastic tray (reuse from market)

Step 2: Cut and Done!

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Cut the plastic tray to get 2rows ( as fitted le fridge)

Step 3: Put and Test!

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Put it in the fridge and test for stability!
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MikB (author)2016-07-23

"Keep refrigerated once purchased". Right there. On the box. Written, I assume, by the chickens that laid them :)

Our old fridge had an egg-storage area in the door. The new replacement fridge didn't, so I did something similar with a large (papier-mache) egg box, cut down to fit the top shelf of the door. Holds 10 eggs (2x5 egg-cups). Why the manufacturers didn't provide one, I don't know :(

miraheng (author)MikB2016-07-23

Nice! so u stick it to the fridge wall or how?

MikB (author)miraheng2016-07-24

Not stuck in -- pretty much the same as yours (but paper, not plastic) -- two rows of egg-carton almost exactly fits the depth of the door's top compartment. Just pushed into place, it stays put by friction.

miraheng (author)MikB2016-07-24

Nice! :)

sstimson (author)2016-07-21

You should not store eggs in the fridge as it destroys the proteins

miraheng (author)sstimson2016-07-21

ouh really? thx for telling ...but then why they made a tray in the fridge then

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