Arrange Your Eggs!(Easy)




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Introduction: Arrange Your Eggs!(Easy)

If you bought too many eggs and doesnt fit your fridge, try these easy steps!

Step 1: All You Need Is

A pair of scissors

Eggs plastic tray (reuse from market)

Step 2: Cut and Done!

Cut the plastic tray to get 2rows ( as fitted le fridge)

Step 3: Put and Test!

Put it in the fridge and test for stability!
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    "Keep refrigerated once purchased". Right there. On the box. Written, I assume, by the chickens that laid them :)

    Our old fridge had an egg-storage area in the door. The new replacement fridge didn't, so I did something similar with a large (papier-mache) egg box, cut down to fit the top shelf of the door. Holds 10 eggs (2x5 egg-cups). Why the manufacturers didn't provide one, I don't know :(

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    Nice! so u stick it to the fridge wall or how?


    Not stuck in -- pretty much the same as yours (but paper, not plastic) -- two rows of egg-carton almost exactly fits the depth of the door's top compartment. Just pushed into place, it stays put by friction.

    You should not store eggs in the fridge as it destroys the proteins

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    ouh really? thx for telling ...but then why they made a tray in the fridge then