Introduction: Arrested Development Jello Shooter

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Lucille: Get me a vodka rocks.

Michael: Mom, it’s breakfast.

Lucille: And a piece of toast.

Time for some frozen chocolate-dipped banana jello shooters!!

Hold the toast.

Unless it has Nutella.

Step 1: Gelatin Prep

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Ingredients for Four 2 oz Shooters:
  • 1 package Knox Gelatin
  • ½ cup Water
  • ¼ cup Dark Crème de Cacao
  • ¼ cup Banana Liqueur (e.g., 99 Bananas)
  • Sprinkles, Crushed Nuts, or Shredded Coconut (optional)

Pour package of Knox gelatin into microwavable container, add ½ cup cold water, and stir.

Microwave until gelatin has bloomed, stirring periodically.

Pour ¼ cup of the mixture into a separate container.

To each ¼ cup of mixture, add ¼ cup crème de cacao to one and ¼ cup banana liqueur to the other.

Step 2: Banana Layer

Picture of Banana Layer

Pour the banana mixture equally amongst four 2 oz shooter glasses and refrigerate until set.

Step 3: Chocolate Layer

Picture of Chocolate Layer

Once set, top with the crème de cacao mixture. A large dosing syringe helps.

Refrigerate again until set.

Step 4: Garnish

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Once set, carefully heat the top of the crème de cacao gelatin (e.g., with a blow dryer) and top with sprinkles, nuts, or coconut.

Refrigerate again to reset the top.


haventmadeabombyet (author)2014-06-12

These look great, but won't you need a spoon or something to eat them, or are they still somewhat fluid?

Sorry about the EXTREMELY late reply.

I typically run my finger around the inside of the glass, but spoons certainly work (to a point depending on the glass). Alternatively, you can use plastic jello shot cups and just crumple the cups to push the jello up.

TheHomeBarGuy (author)2014-03-28

Gonna give these a try for sure thanks

moonshine88 (author)2014-03-09

fyi im trying them now. i just started to make em few mins ago and will try tomorrow after work

Fikjast Scott (author)2014-02-26

Sprinkles --- nice photos

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2014-02-26

This is just awesome :), loved the intro :). And I agree with sunshiine, your photographs are way too awesome. In fact I learned a lot from them. Thank you so much.

TheBoozyBarista (author)2014-02-25

This Blue me away!

mikeasaurus (author)2014-02-25

There's always money in the Banana Stand.

sunshiine (author)2014-02-25

Someday I hope to take pictures that look as beautiful as yours do! So pretty!


AngryRedhead (author)sunshiine2014-02-25

Aw, thank you! But my photos aren't all that good. You should admire the work of real photographers as I'm unsure that setting a camera up and throwing stuff in front of it counts as real photography. Although rainbow sprinkles help a lot. :P

sunshiine (author)AngryRedhead2014-02-25

They did indeed! I think your work is pretty awesome though. I have learned from you and have a long way to go but I am getting better. That is what I love about instructables!

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