This is a simple Instructable to make an arrow cutter using a rotary tool and a cutting disc. It performs an adequate job for those of us that only have the rare need for cutting arrows and definitely don't need to go to the expense of buying a purpose built one. The main drawback is that the maximum length of the cut is determined by the shank of the rotary tool used. In this case 60mm, so if you need to remove more than that you need to do a rough cut first before finishing the job accurately.

I used safety gear whilst using power tools and suggest you do the same. Any injuries caused as a result of following my instructable are at your own risk. If you can't agree to this you didn't get the design from me.

The dimensions used suited my rotary tool and may need to be adjusted to suit yours. It doesn't damage the tool and it can be removed in a minute when required for something else.

Step 1: Items Required


1000 x 160 18mm plywood
25mm drywall screws
25mm x3mm aluminum strip
 4 penny washers
m5 x40mm cap head bolt 
1 m5 repair washer
1 m5 tee nut
wood glue

This is the equipment I used but you can make it happen without

Table saw
router with 1/4" cutter
screw driver
Drill with 10mm bit and a forstner bit to the diameter of the tee nut flange

I like it, very handy! <br>

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