Arrow Friendship Bracelet




Introduction: Arrow Friendship Bracelet

in this instructable i will show you how to make a arrow friendship bracelet. You will need 
-embroidery floss or yarn
-scissors or something to cut the material with

Step 1:

first cut three pieces of the floss/yarn about 3 feet long. then fold in half and tie a loop in the middle of all three pieces.

Step 2:

spread them out as shown in the photo. start on the left take the farthest out piece and make a number 4 then take the tail and put it through the loop of the 4. Now do this once more then do it twice on the piece next in from the left. Next make a backwards 4 on the right and foo the same as before. Then make one more from then left. Continue until desired length is reached.

Step 3:

To finish just tie a knot in the end and trim.



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