A simple quality back quiver.

Step 1:

Get your materials together first. Many of these things can be substituted for different material. Have fun with it.

Tools suggested: drill

needle nose pliers

rivet gun

1/2" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.) (optional but a few are useful)

1/4" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.)

1/8" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.)

1/8" or 3mm steel washers



a long claw

large paint stir stick

Materials needed: 18" x 12" stiff plastic canvas

3" PVC Cap

1" webbing (6 ft)

1" plastic buckle

Fabric glue

Fabric of your choice. 1 yard of 57+ inch wide will cover most quivers. Get extra or a contrasting color or pattern if you are covering the inside.

Batting or foam for the bottom something for the arrow heads to rest on.

<p>Very nice work. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>Thanks. It was my pleasure.</p>
<p>Awesome job! I love the pink camo theme! :)</p>
<p>Thank you. It was made for my 6 year old daughter.</p>
<p>Thats really cool!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>

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