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A simple quality back quiver.

Step 1:

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Get your materials together first. Many of these things can be substituted for different material. Have fun with it.

Tools suggested: drill

needle nose pliers

rivet gun

1/2" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.) (optional but a few are useful)

1/4" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.)

1/8" grip rivets (3mm or 1/8" dia.)

1/8" or 3mm steel washers



a long claw

large paint stir stick

Materials needed: 18" x 12" stiff plastic canvas

3" PVC Cap

1" webbing (6 ft)

1" plastic buckle

Fabric glue

Fabric of your choice. 1 yard of 57+ inch wide will cover most quivers. Get extra or a contrasting color or pattern if you are covering the inside.

Batting or foam for the bottom something for the arrow heads to rest on.

seamster1 year ago

Very nice work. Thanks for sharing this!

LabRaticvs (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thanks. It was my pleasure.

Awesome job! I love the pink camo theme! :)

Thank you. It was made for my 6 year old daughter.

Jack Moran1 year ago

Thats really cool!

LabRaticvs (author)  Jack Moran1 year ago

Thank you!