Picture of Arrow of Legolas
Legolas is my favourite character in Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and this is a replica arrow I made of the ones Legolas carries in The Lord of the Rings movies. Note that this isn't designed for real archery. For display purposes only.

This arrow is quite large compared to my height because I wanted it to be elven size :D

Step 1: Materials

• Dowel rod 8mm x 900mm (can get from any hardware store)
• Silver, gold and dark green paint
• Gold wire
• knife to carve the wood dowel and shape the feather
• 1 long yellow turkey feather - the one I had was 30cm and I managed to get all 3 arrow tails from it (You may need 2 feathers depending on the size and shape of the feather)
• Strong glue (I use super glue because I'm impatient)

• Plenty of reference pictures.
AnthonyS47 months ago
(BTW I will probably 3d print a custom wall holder for it from lynden public library)
AnthonyS47 months ago

I LOVE LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cool!
Bellie141 year ago
I agree with you on that one - Legolas is epic x

Were you in chewbachus?

Sir M1 year ago

That is so AWSOME!!!!!!

I am going to make one.

Where did you get the flethching pattern?

EarthboundEmpire (author)  Sir M1 year ago

Thanks :) I made the pattern myself by using references from the movies.

violeta5711 year ago
looks cool!
die potato1 year ago
You should make the tip metal so you can actually use it :D
HPandLOTR1 year ago
n1cod3mus1 year ago
Speaking as someone who has fletched arrows before, you should be using wing feathers and all the same wing e.g. left or right depending on which way you use a bow.
EarthboundEmpire (author)  n1cod3mus1 year ago
That info is interesting, but If you read the intro you would realise that I made this for display/ cosplay purposes only and didn't intended to use it as a real arrow.
I didn't read in to, my bad.
EarthboundEmpire (author)  n1cod3mus1 year ago
That's ok :)
Nice bit of costume work! Looks good!
fahlazad1 year ago
lego last sale...
Ekzile1 year ago
aren't elves and men in lord of the rings the same height?
Elves are taller.
fasc231 year ago
Awesome sauce I love legolas he is awesome!!!