I was the den leader for my son's Webelos den. There were 2 dens with Webelos IIs that just earned their Arrow of Light and crossed over to become a Boy Scouts. We wanted to put together a nice award to celebrate their achievement, but we didn't have a lot of money. What we designed was relatively simple and relatively cheap. We spent approx $15 per scout to create the below. 
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Step 3: Painting the arrow

There are many guidelines on the internet for painting but we used this pdf as a guide for the painting. We did not use this guideline for the plaque

We created painting templates template for parents with their son's colors and had them paint the colors by placing the arrow over a couple pieces of Styrofoam and turning the arrow as they hold the paint brush. Here is an example.
fourpats1 year ago

I used this design for my den's crossover this month and they turned out really well. After a few attempts I discovered Minwax makes a gel stain that is thick enough that it doesn't bleed through. Only one coat of the hickory stain was needed. If you have access to a router I suggest beveling the edges as well...adds a nice touch. Thanks very much for the idea!

EagleZT2 years ago
This is a simple and cheap way to make a nice AoL award. How many coats of stain did you do? The first time I did this, I did three and it bled through real bad. I would recommend to those completing this 'ible to use painters tape with an anti-bleed through technology (scotch blue / frog tape). Works great and I got 2 nice coats on it.
alex00 (author)  EagleZT2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Our scouts were happy with them. I only put one coat on it and used masking tape. The walnut stain gave a great contrast with only one coat on pine. I did notice that if I did not press down firmly on the tape it would get under or find the gaps.