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Introduction: Arrows for Paperclip Bow

After making one of Fungus Amungus' paperclip bows (found here: ), I got bored with firing Q-tips and decided to construct a more sophisticated arrow. It is surprisingly accurate, and my family is terrified of them. They will fly fifteen feet or more.

For this project, you will need:
wooden skewers (or other small wooden stick-shape)
tape (I used duct tape, but any thick tape will do)
poster goop (or other substance with similar texture)
paperclip bow (made with large paperclips)

Step 1: Make Wings

Cut a piece of tape about an inch long. You'll need three pieces of approximately the same width - the more exact, the more accurate your arrow will be.

Fold each piece in half, but leave a small amount un-stuck-together so that it can be stuck to the shaft of the arrow. (See the pictures for more details.)

The first two pieces should be attached directly across from each other, and the third should bisect them. This will leave one flat side which can pass over the bow without getting caught on it.

Step 2: Form the Head

Form a small ball with the poster goop or equivalent. I chose this material because it won't dry out, it won't stain the wall, and it won't stick to anything.

Stick the ball over the tip of the arrow shaft. This serves two purposes: it blunts the tip (even if your stick is not sharp, it can hurt if it hits someone in the wrong place) and it weights the front of the arrow so that it will fly straighter and further.

Step 3: Fire Away!

Fire your completed arrow at will with the paperclip bow. Never fire at a person or other living creature - no matter how blunt the arrow is, it can still take someone's eye out.

Party Idea: Make several arrows and get some paint, a different color for each person. Make a target out of paper or a picture of someone you hate. Have each person dip the tip of their arrow in their color of paint before firing - the paint will leave a mark on the target, proving how close each person gets to the target. Be sure to use washable paint, or do it in a place that can get messy.

Have fun!



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    isnt the 'poster goop' and the 'sticky blue stuff' sticky tack?

    It's called different things depending on the brand you buy. It's the sticky stuff that holds posters and pictures and such to the wall, without damaging the paint - it's removable and re-usable.

    its called blu-tack.

    homicidal, this is dangerous? ya out of your mind? this thing is just miny stuff that u can have fun with. things that wont hurt people a lot.

    but thats boring!

    lol if ur aiming to hurt some one with something mini check out my homemade bow and arrow :P

    [http://EASY-skewer-bow-and-arrow/ link]sorry forgot to add

    it looks like a giant match... WAIT! thats a great idea!! if you have a giant fireplace match, use it. you would have light it on fire first ooh, i'm a genious...

    Or you could use strike anywhere matches.
    if i did that, it would hit the target then catch on fire.
    It wouldn't burn the target.