Introduction: Arrrr Me Hardys - Tis the Segway Pirate!

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Step 1: Building Ye Ships Wheel

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Since  the main part of this costume is the ships wheel, Most of my work was devoted to building it
The wheel. I needed something that was proportioned to the segway, that would look like it belonged but still be a showpiece. And of course eBay was the place to go.

a 34" ships wheel (used for decoration) (wall mountable) $100
was the only 'premade' item I got. I built everything else.

Step 2: The Steering Mech

Picture of The Steering Mech

I decided that I was going to go for authenticity here, and that instead of drilling and using standard stuff I would boar holes, and try to use as many authentic items as I could to get that "old look".
in truth no one would really notice it, but me.

just a note in picture 8 you can see I used door molding as my template.

Step 3: The Parrot

Picture of The Parrot

A pirate needs a parrot, and I decided that I wanted a parrot with personality
so I purchased a "Squawkers McCaw" I had more people ask me if the parrot was real
and more attention was paid to the parrot then even the segway,
here is a video of squawkers to show you why:

Since squackers could "perch" i adapted his legs to perch on the ships wheel
(OMG YOU drilled screws into that poor birds feet!)

Step 4: Ship of Fool(s)

Picture of Ship of Fool(s)

The ship is a display box for sponges (believe it or not) It was almost a afterthought
but it was still alot of fun.

Step 5: The Masthead

Picture of The Masthead

The devil is in the details, and I thought it would be fun to add a masthead to my "boat"
its just a Barbie doll, but it got alot of comments, also the 'name' of my ship, and some of the other things I had on it

Step 6: The Pirate Jon

Picture of The Pirate Jon

My costume was all authentic reproductions, (is that a oxymoron?)
The frock coat was custom tailored, I was wearing a poet shirt, breeches, pirate boots, and a gold tooth (which I loved)

This started me wearing costumes from then on.


macgeek (author)2009-12-16

Actually, you can use a Dolly, or even a shopping cart as your "ship"
anything you can cover with cardboard, or fabric can be built


Warlrosity (author)macgeek2010-03-17

A dolly hmm.. never thought of that

Sunbanks (author)2009-12-15

Now if only I had a segway... 

crapflinger (author)Sunbanks2009-12-16

easy (sort of) a legway ....which would actually be a bit more pirate-ish since it's all old looking anyway

Sunbanks (author)crapflinger2009-12-16

That would be more pirate-ish! :D

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