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this even funnier than gummi bear surgery. liked it a lot tnx for sharing
<p>I've now sent this to several people. Must do! BRILLIANT!</p>
<p>Thanks for the publicity! Have fun!</p>
Too funny. Great idea!
<p>This is so great, must try myself and probably make a gift for some of my drawing friends :D</p>
<p>I saw this and laughed so hard I almost cried. Nice job!</p>
<p>That happens every time we play! You can't imagine the drawings I didn't include.</p>
<p>This is what regular Pictionary devolves into with my friends every time!</p><p>Very funny!</p>
Holy Nazi transformers Batman! great idea, nice instructable :)
<p>Oh man. You win everything with this game idea.</p><p>Not for the easily offended, that's for sure! I love it.</p>

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