Picture of Art Deco Eagle Wings for Captain America Helmet
eagle wings cap helmet 2.jpg
I share a love of bike riding and of Captain America with my son.  His bike helmet was stolen from his school storage bin a while back and the school Principal was kind enough to give him a new blue bike helmet.  I was not thrilled to hear that his helmet had been stolen while he was in school, after all we wrote his name across the back of his old helmet.  When I saw the new helmet I decided we needed to make it more easily identifiable, using some white duct tape we fashioned an A and a pair of wings for his helmet.  He loved the new look to his helmet but I was not really happy with it.  After seeing an art deco eagle hood ornament on a vintage car I had an idea to remedy that.

I drew a sketch of the art deco eagle I had seen and used it to make a template of the eagle wings.  I transfered the outline of the wings to some 18 gauge sheet metal and rough cut the wings out with a metal shear.  I finished shaping the sheet metal with a drum sander bit on a rotary tool.  I drew the interior lines of the wings and stamped them in with a peice of wire hanger, cut to fit, and a big hammer.  The peice of sheet metal that I had was painted so I sanded the old paint off and repainted the wings with a metallic aluminum enamle paint.  I colored the stamped lines in with some black, just to make them stand out more.  I used 3M double sided adhesive tape to attach the wings to my son's helmet, now we are both thrilled with the look of his custome bike helmet.
Could you make these for me and attach them to hair clips? I am willing to pay. I bet if you sold them, you could make a lot of money.
lclaiborne2 years ago
Very Cool! I can think of plenty of stuff to make with your tricks. But what kind of sheet metal? That word covers many thicknesses and alloys of many hardnesses. The wrong one won't stamp.
troopersmachine (author)  lclaiborne2 years ago
These wings are 18 gauge mild steel sheet metal. It is not the easiest sheet metal to stamp, but I had a some left over from another project. Aluminum would have been much easier to stamp.
mbourhan2 years ago
It looks very nice
troopersmachine (author)  mbourhan2 years ago
Thank you.
Nick705872 years ago
That looks good. I find that making little things to make my kids happy are my best project.
troopersmachine (author)  Nick705872 years ago
Thank you. I agree, the best projects are centered around making family members happy.