Needed a place to hang my nice hats, so made this from leftovers lying around the shop. 

Step 1:

I won't go into faceplate turning on the wood lathe, but the tops for the hat racks are made just like that. I glued 2   3/4 "x 4"x 4" blocks together, screwed them to the lathe, and turned the nice round tops for the hats you see here. 

Next, to the laser! I cut out the shapes you see here. The largest pieces are out of 1/4" plywood, everything else is 1/8" plywood. You need two of everything for each hook (I did 5 hooks), and 6 of the little squares for each hook.
<p>I agree with randomray, not enough information! what is the diameter of the 'tops'? I dislike an instructable in which the author never even answers the questions put to him/her afterward.</p>
I like the design ... but I'm sorry to say the instructable isn't very helpful . First there are no sizes or dimensions and you say you cut them out with a laser &quot;cutter&quot; you could have just as easily said magic happens and you get a bunch of pieces that are all the correct size . But no sizes number of pieces or anything . Give people something to work from laser cutters are just not that common in home workshops . Even if someone has a laser cutter they still can't make the project . Thanks , I just need more info .
Beautiful design.
Excellent! Awesome!

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