Head to the hardware store (or dig around your tool box) to make these art deco inspired necklaces.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need




E-6000 Glue

Corner brackets


Jump rings and a lobster claw

Wire cutters


Piece of scrap wood

Step 3: Prepare Your Pieces

Drill a small hole on the corner of the corner bracket

Cut 7 to 8 pieces of chain about 5" long

Attach the chains to a jump ring and then to the hole you drilled on the corner of the corner bracket

Step 4: Embellish

Add chain to the sides of the corner bracket to create your necklace

Experiment with your cabochons to create your design

Glue the cabochons on with E-6000 and let dry for at least 2 hours

You can make a lot of things pretty, with love and attention
<p>Very true Sparky......BTW, that was my nickname growing up.....</p>
Thats so cool
<p>You should file or round off the corners of the steel brace. They seem to be aimed at the jugular and if you have ever snagged yourself in the shop on one of those...</p>
<p>Didn't you know - all the aristos in London wear jewellery made from toilet parts and door knobs - it's chic ?. Joking aside, I really love this. I love how delicate you make chunky things look. Videos are brilliant and the humour is a bonus on top of the creativity. Especially love the banter from your commenters below! </p>
<p>Oh London.....I'll be there for Christmas......I can't wait. </p>
<p>Very clever! I'm wondering what other ideas you could come up with for hardware store items-turned-jewelry...</p><p>Seems like there are a lot of possibilities!</p>
<p>It's hard to come up with things that don't look like you're wearing a doorknob or part of a toilet. :)</p>
<p>So you're saying not many people want to walk around with toilet flush handles as earrings?</p><p>There's got to be a market for that. Just needs a little E6000 and some plastic gems. C'mon Mark, use your imagination! </p>
<p>I would love to see that! If anyone can make toilet flush handles look chic, it's Mark! hahaha</p>
<p>I consider this a challenge!</p>
<p>My fave part of the hardware store is the wall of cabinets that houses thousands of those pullout plastic drawers, containing the coolest of doodads. You have to write the price and amt. on a little envelope....</p>
<p>My True Value is like that....They even have an antique cabinet filled with kooky little glass pieces and corks....amazing!</p>
<p>Oh man, please please please do it! That would be hilarious and amazing!</p>
<p>hi sorry what should i use for key words my subject about toy help</p>
<p>Keywords are tough, but you might try using your name, items you used that are interesting, and the project name. I hope that helps.</p>
<p>Nice, I love hardwear store jewelry and crafts! So creative :)</p>

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