Picture of Art Display for School Hallways
Hang artwork in the hallway of your school without tape, pins etc.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Small Binder Clips, Step Ladder, Art Work, High School Hallway with drop ceilings.
poofrabbit1 year ago
Brilliant idea! I have strips on the wall to hang art work, but I dislike them, awkward to hang work and you wind up putting holes in things. I had an idea recently on how to fix this, I have yet to put it into action. Now that said, the other side of the wall to the hall where my art room sits has nothing, and I tape things up, but I love thing hanging idea! Thank you for the great instructable!
Project looks cool. Wanna try. Instructable on that?
Falcons_Art_Dept (author)  RossTheGreat2 years ago
Will make it our next instructable.
bennybg2 years ago
The one in the far right bottom corner is flipping you off, British style.
Falcons_Art_Dept (author)  bennybg2 years ago
Not so. I am British and teaching in NJ. It's a peace sign, knuckles showing is what you are thinking of.
Very very smart! Looks great too. :)