I'm not sure what to call this yet but for now lets go with The Art Pedaler (get the pun?).

The Art Pedaler is designed to be a pop-up art gallery that can situate itself anywhere. Artwork is to be hung on a motorized conveyor belt wall that spins slowly around the bicycle attracting the attention of passer-bys. Music will also be played from the bicycle and I can imagine serving free coffee and popping up a few beach chairs and encouraging people to hang out. I’m inspired by the multitude of ways in which people are democratizing art and subverting the conventional systems of art viewing and commerce and this project fits into that dialog. Enjoy!

I was hoping I could finish this before the deadline for the instructables Bicycle Contest but that didn't happen. But actually its a good thing because it is pretty far along but not too far to get some good feedback from the instructables community. Let me know what you think!

The video below shows my first and only test so far of the rotating display. As you see at the end, the belt falls off the cogs. I can envision a few ways of fixing this, but I'd like to hear any ideas ya gots. Also I have it rotating much faster than I had desired, I think I need to do some down gearing. 

Step 1: Design and Material Considerations

This isn't going to be a step by step instructable because I don't think I could replicate this myself without another set of trial and error. So I'll just walk you through my journey from ideation to realization and the things I learned along the way.

I was originally inspired by bicycle commerce while spending 5 months hopping around South East Asia. There is a huge variety of bicycle businesses there and the best thing is all of the bicycles have this really rustic homemade quality to them. There is a picture below that's kind of case in point. After months of drawing out different concepts I settled on the drawing below and started thinking about how I could make this happen. 

I put up a craigslist alert for a bakfiet style bicycle (pictured below) and found a really swanky one for a grand. This one goes for 3200 new so I got a good deal but I understand I could have saved money by building one or getting a less fancy one.

Then I figured my next step was sourcing the "gallery walls" which i figured needed to be a flexible light weight material that had some rigidity. I had a eureka moment during hurricane sandy (brooklyn boy here) when I saw all this plastic fencing that was put up. I tried to find that exact stuff but settled for a similar product that I found at home depot. Its just a plastic gardening fence. The grid of the fence got me thinking that I could use a cog to drive it around instead of a cable which was my original thought. 

<p>It's a really interesting idea - displaying your art while on the move, but really quite distracting for other motorists on the road to be sure. I'd rather have a moving vehicle in a more simple state to be honest - less functionality and more power!</p>
This could really open doors for people who can't get out of the house. Art can literally be where the people are. Bravo!
cool idea
To get out you just crawl underneath as classy as possible
This is really cool, but uh, how would you get out? Is there some sort of opening I didn't catch?
As an art teacher, I can think of dozens of uses for this amazing invention! I can't wait to show this to my students, who just completed their concept vehicle designs. Thanks for sharing your brain power!
I have no idea when I would use this or why but I want one
For advertising or promoting your cause,triangular advertising trailers are quite common,pulled behind cars or bicycles....
Looking at the video i think the netting still looks a bit slack and maybe about an inch cutoff the length of it to try and make it tight as possible and whatabout led light strips attached to the netting,ie fibre-obtic striplighting,christmas tree lights,things like that.I have a homemade trailer which i can put a plastic advertising triangle i made on top of but this gives you a much larger area to use and the fact that it moves round on a roller will draw people,s attention to it more.......
Must resist urge to build impractical for my purposes, yet oh so awesome bike! ;_;
Dear Dontstop1990,<br> <br> This is insane . . . . I love it.<br> <br> Your other stuff is cool too; I too have a similar fascination for making useless pulley/cog driven machines.<br> <br> Kind Regardski<br> <br> FOH
Thanks man!

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