Art - Manual Collage





Introduction: Art - Manual Collage

1. prepare all stuff that you need like paper, glue, cutting knife, scissor, magazine, newspaper or any element that you desire to use in your collage.

2. cut your picture or shape that you want to put in your collage, cut them all first then customize it in a paper, you may use A4 paper as background the if you satisfied enough, then start to put the glue in contraside and customize again as you desire.

3. you have to put glue in good way, not too thick or too thin and if you finish with that, you need to dry up it till the glue become really dry stick strongly.

4. your collage is ready to put in your display wall ! dont forget to tak a picture and post it in your account to appreciate your work! :)



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    Very creative! It would be great to see some photos of your steps to go along with your written directions!