Art Nouveau Daffodil Emu Egg Shell





Introduction: Art Nouveau Daffodil Emu Egg Shell

There are four layers that make up the thickness of this shell. The first is the thickest and it is the dark green that a person recognizes when seeing an emu egg. Under the dark green surface is a grayish layer that is softer than the rest of the shell. I don't typically use this layer for other than highlighting the layer beneath as it is kind of dull. The third layer is the turquoise that you see in front view of this piece. It is hard and very capable of being polished to shine. Finally, beneath the turquoise layer is a very white layer that is also hard enough to shine nicely. The difficulty in using the white layer is that it is extremely thin. This project was done to show all the possibilities that an emu egg shell has to offer. The front of this piece is carved in an Art Nouveau form to expose the various layers. The remainder of the shell has been pierced to frame the oval containing the iris forms. Many people are fascinated by pierced egg shells so with that in mind the image on the front is held by flowing lines like those of the Art Nouveau era. An Additional benefit of piercing the back of the shell is that it allows light to shine from the rear thus illuminating the thin white layer that makes up the iris blooms. There are two photos here that attempt to show the light penetrating the thin white layer. The shell is held by antique silver which was chosen to give an aged appearance to the over all presentation.



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    I am just in complete and total awe of you and your egg. Wow.

    2 replies

    Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts and your nice words.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your skills with us!

    Congratulations on being a Finalist. Those of you blessed with the talent for carving never cease to amaze me with your works. My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

    3 replies

    Best wishes to you as well, Carole. Brian

    Thank you, Brian. BTW: That squirrel just has the most devilish eyes! Carole B.

    That squirrel was running around at at recent family gathering we had eating up all the scraps of our lunch. He was none to shy. For this photo and a few others I shot he was only about 8 feet from where I was sitting to watch him. I have another photo of him yawning with his tongue sticking out. It was a fun experience to watch a creature of nature just be himself. I liked the photo so well that is why i decided to use it as my avatar. Thanks for noticing and the comment.

    Thank you for your compliment and congrats again to you.

    Hey Bri - as you know I have a special preference for this one. Way, to go and I am especially proud of all the work you have put in to get your skills to this level. DiVinci - "If people knew the level of work the mastery, they would not think it so great." I know our work level - our I&E; circle all knows and repects you for it. now you're my new "hero"!! Beautiful work. You are so talented and should go very far with your art.

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    Thanks, I have always wanted to be a "hero" to someone. One of my life's goals is now met. Thanks again.

    what a fantastic egg! It took my breath away

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    Thank you for your supportive words

    Thank you for your complimentary comments

    amazing stuff, I probably would have broke it in the process, you definately deserve props for that.

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    Thanks for looking, I have had a few people say that they would probably break their project if they were to attempt to cut eggs.

    You've done a very elegant egg, great use of the different textures. I have to tell you though that those are most definitely not any sort of iris. Those floral shapes are narcissus or daffodils. I wouldn't want that minor detail to affect any judging.

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    Thank you for setting me straight. You are right, they are daffodils. I will have to see if there is a way to change the title. This is what I get for listening to others when I ask what kind of flowers I am drawing. I should have done better research before writing the title. In closing, I want to thank you for your kind critique.