Recumbent + Blender + Skateboard + Didgeridoo + Music Keyboard + Video.+ Art + self-sustainability.

I´m a visual artist/musician who  likes to travel a lot. Have a proyect I´m working on, that consists in traveling around the world sharing music and images to connect with different people,  interacting in some kind of way,  in live performances, sharing this  in remotes places where maybe internet didnt reach, or places that are hidden, or seppareted from the urban centers.

For example.., going to a far village inside a forest and show them a film, that they probably didnt know about, playing some music or doing a painting or just doing something to connect,  without expecting nothing particular.

The main idea is to have a way to travel around the world using a recumbent bike, carring a few things: a bike-blender ,didgjeridoo, small guitar, music keyboard (inside a bamboo stick), video camera, photo camera, tablet pc, video glasses, a  video proyector ( wich I did not have yet), so it its very nice to participate for that price, PLease Vote for it if you like the proyect,

The instructable will be uptated soon with some new pictures and video, just had some minor issues with the camera right now.

Actually the bike has place for 3 people and room for lot of things, the sistem works like a detachable trike that conects to a 4th wheel where 2 more people can go seated, ( providing a portable blender that is powered by pedaling)

Here´s a video showing some examples you can do using human bicycle power.


THe idea is also to record everithing that happens in the trips, music, video, stories... and to share then all that happens and will happen while the thing moves.

This is a short I´ve done like a  preview, some of the music is done with the bamboo keyboard !!

To see the old recumbent part, go to minute number 3:00.


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Step 1: The Parts Laying Around

Here is the puzzle, a skateboard,  a recumbent that was ready to be finished ( used 2 regular frames ), 2 car seats covers, 2 wheels, etc. For the seat frame bend 2 thins iron rods that can be easily bend.
Congratulations, super bicycle! Unfortunately the videos are not working. Do you still ride it?
http://youtu.be/ZqjRh81otSk <br> <br>here&acute;s a video, how can I directly post the youtube window with the play botton?

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