Picture of Articulated Camera Stand

A tripod is usually the best way to take a steady picture. But there are a lot of times when a tripod isn't convenient to use. One alternative is to mount your camera on an articulated arm that is mounted off to one side. This will still hold your camera steady but it will be able to get angles that would be impossible for a tripod. 

Step 1: Select an Articulated Lamp

Picture of Select an Articulated Lamp
The easiest way to make an articulated camera stand is to modify an articulated desk lamp. The best style of lamp for this application is one that has two sets of parallel arms. A flexible gooseneck lamp can work but they aren't able to support heavy cameras as well. 
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Very simple to implement and quite useful too. Additionally your instructable was over well put together.

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Excellent idea! I've used this arm:


(with the iPad holder removed) to hold webcams for my 3D printers. I think I'll get another one for still photos.
sweet- just what i've been needing for super-macro product photos
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yonut981 year ago
how can i make this for a DSLR?
DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)  yonut981 year ago
That depends on how heavy your camera is. For a light DSLR, it might be possible to use this same design and really tighten each joint. It also helps if the lamp has springs that support each joint.

But if your camera is just too heavy for a lamp stand, then you might need to build your own articulated stand that is strong enough to handle it. You can follow the same design. Just use sturdier parts.