Picture of Articulated Sequential Interlocking Puzzle Snake
Complete with eye dowel.jpg
Cut Pieces 2.jpg
Top view.jpg
Side view showing overlapping cuts.jpg

Just goes to show you that if you put enough of those $10 words together you can create a pretty impressive title.

 It's a 3 dimensional bendy snake puzzle thing - made of wood!

I have built several puzzle boxes and love to see my friends and family struggle to find the correct combination of moves to open them. I recently stumbled across a website where they make and sell 3d wooden animal puzzles. The price was more than I could rationalize spending so I decided to look into the possibility of making my own.

I analyzed the various designs available on line. I was able to determine that there are several keys to successfully creating a great puzzle.
Each piece is cut at a 90 degree angle from the previous piece.
Each cut needs to be carefully made. A wire type saw blade that allows for sharper angles and better interlock of the pieces.
Sanding and finishing of the outer surface is easier if it is done before the pieces are cut apart.
There must be overlap between cuts or the pieces will not interlock.
The head piece must extend far enough back to allow the eye dowel to go through it.

No matter your skill set or budget, you should be able to build one of these fine animals and show them off to your friends and family.

I was inspired by the following Instructable:


and the following websites:






Nice, I love it!

jtobako4 years ago
A thinner blade will break more often but give smoother, tighter arcs.