Introduction: Artificial Fish Attractor

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Building a fish attractor out of recycled materials just laying around the house is easy. Must remember some key things before you start throwing your attractor in to your local waters.

****Check with your local wildlife office to make sure it is allowed to be introduce to your local lakes.

if you are introducing your fish attractor to your private pond you more than welcome because it's your own.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

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For this fish attractor I used a old irrigation tube, some old pvc pipe, 1/2 sprinkler tubing, cinder block, and pieces of old plastic composite board.

I used a power tool to drill the holes and some old screws to screw the composite board to the bottom of the attractor

Step 2: Secure and Prepare Main Structure

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Usually in typical 5 gallon bucket attractors, you will completely finish the whole structure before adding the cement or weight.

This instructables I add the weight first then ran the extremities from the main structure.

Last picture in this step is a previous fish attractor of the 5 gallon type.

Step 3: Run the Extremities

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I drilled 1"1/2 holes adjacent from one another. I used the colored pvc running through my main tubing and through the cinder blocks. This adds some extra parts coming out and it holds the cinder block to the main structure.

Next I drilled holes fitting the 1/2" sprinkler tubing.

Step 4: Now It's Ready for Its Final Resting Place

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Once all materials are used, you are done.

Artificial fish attractors can last for years. They give fish like largemouth bass and crappie a central location for foraging for food and finding a mate. After dropping it in, give a season or two to build enough algae to start attracting the little bait fish then after that hold on tight...


ABCass1 (author)2014-07-20

Stumps and logs work well, but they are know to snag your hooks and eventually decade and sometimes just float away... Artificial attractors are plastic base so hooks are rarely able to penetrate deep enough to break the line and they never decade and leaves a healthy habitat for many generations of fish

Ian74 (author)2014-07-20

Then why not use stumps and logs? Rather than basically throw rubbish in your pond?

NetWt4Lbs (author)2014-07-19

As in artificial stumps and logs, which fish like to hide in and

ABCass1 (author)2014-07-19

I hope that is a joke haha

jmwells (author)2014-07-19

Why would you want to attract artificial fish? Lol

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