Picture of Artificial Pine Tree
I went looking for an artificial tree for an indoor nook that is both too dark to support life and too high to allow watering. What I found was that artificial trees available in stores are A) expensive, B) not quite the style I was looking for, and C) ridiculously simple in construction. So I set out to make my own.

All in this has cost me about $300, so it's not cheap. Most of the cost ($250) was in the branches, but I really didn't want to skimp on unrealistic boughs. Those looking for the bargain route could pick up an overstocked artificial Christmas tree and strip it for parts.

The basics of the plan are simple:
1) Find and prepare a trunk out of a real tree branch
2) Build a base to match the trunk
3) Drill holes in the trunk and stick in the branches

-- Tree branch to serve as trunk. Obtain with permission from tree-owner, of course.
-- Polyurethane. $8.
-- Pot. Mine cost $15 in wood and parts.
-- Cement. 1 60# bag will do. $3.
-- Rebar, 1' lengths x 3. $3.
-- 4" PVC connector pipe. $10.
-- Rubber cement. $3.
-- Artificial boughs. $250 including shipping, in my case. I used 25 of the 30 I bought to make this, so could have been cheaper.
-- Dried moss. $8.
-- Spray adhesive. Any crafter has it already.

mountain g12 days ago

great idea, but it isn't very environmental friendly because it doesnt give out oxygen

That looks awesome! What a perfect decoration for that spot :)

You're kind. I feel it's a bit too overpowering, but maybe it's the shock of the new.

Yeah, just give it time to sink in :) And you can decorate it for the holidays! All of them!

JenPat1 year ago

No...it really looks great there. It's asymmetrical so it looks more natural than something store bought. It fills the space & being so high up, you can't get close enough to it to tell it's fake. Great job! Maybe a 2' sculpture under the blank space on the left if you want some scale but I think it looks perfect just the way it is.

Mielameri1 year ago
Very nice! Looks realistic from here :)