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The Artillery truck is one of the things I built to combine lego guns and lego cars. The truck has a range of about 10 feet. I had built two of my first lego guns before this so this was a test to see how small I could make one. This much more difficult than the lawn mower and it was very tricky! The truck is pretty much built around the gun so nothing special.It's really funny if someone doesn't know what it does, like the time I shot my little brother in the forehead with it. ( I am not responsible for any harm caused or related to the use of this vehicle.)

Step 1: The Base

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The slanted black pieces on this part are not nessary and can be replace with four studed thin black pieces. This is a prototype car, it got a little fancier with modification but not to much changed with the base.

Step 2: More Base and Wheel Wells

Picture of More Base and Wheel Wells

Pretty straight forward step, but just in case you can't tell the large three by two piece has a small two stud piece behind it. The first photo show one broken down and the next one shows what it should look like when you put them together. This is done on both sides.

Step 3: Front Wheels and Bumper

Picture of Front Wheels and Bumper

Where would a truck be without four wheels? On the side of the road with a jack and a spare tire! No seriously these instructions build the front wheel assembly of the truck. After you have completed this step attach the the bottom of the dark  gray front axle piece to the flat gray piece on the first base piece. You should now have something with four wheels.

Step 4: Cab Assembly

Picture of Cab Assembly

If you don't have something with four wheels. Go back and read my instructions. The cab assembly is pretty easy, just two layers of thin pieces except the two black three by two studed pieces that makes the grille and the dashboard / controlpanel / steeringcolumn.

Step 5: The Truck

Picture of The Truck

Pat yourself on the back! You're half there!

Step 6: The Guns Bottom and Side or Barrels

Picture of The Guns Bottom and Side or Barrels

Well... this one is kinda hard. this step includes 22 pieces if can remember correctly. The little black connectors that attach the black rounded smooth pieces need to be on both sides. That way the bottom barrels won't be loose or rotate. 

Step 7: Gun Clips Base

Picture of Gun Clips Base

The tricky part in this step is the L shaped rounded pieces. This layer is important if you don't want to load this truck alll the time..I think I took enough pictures to make this layer clear, if not tell me.

Step 8: Gun Top and Lock Mechanism

Picture of Gun Top and Lock Mechanism

If you made it this far your almost done. this is pretty easy just make sure that the the smooth rounded pieces are the correct length.

Step 9: The Details

Picture of The Details

The small red pieces in this step are attached to the gun already in this picture. I realized they were still atached after I started the instructable.

Step 10: The Ramrod

Picture of The Ramrod

Final step!! Once you have inserted the ramrod into the gun add the rubberbands to both sides, than add the entire assembly to the top of the bed of the truck. I attach it by removing one of the joints and reattaching after I'm done attaching it to the one that's still on the truck.

Step 11: Your Done So.... How to Use It.

1.load the little lego pieces stud facing the front of the vehicle up to three in each ot the holes.
2. Lift up the locking mechanism
3. Pull back the ramrod until you can put the locking mechanism on top of it holding it in place
4. Shoot with a strong pull on the locking mechanism.
5 Have fun and improve it.

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I will answer and do my best to make sure that you can figure out how to put it together.


the computer no1 (author)2014-01-04

It is so cool

Thanks (author)2013-10-21


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NXTHacker (author)2013-07-04

Hi bro, thanks for inspiring me. I have finished my instructable too:D thanks to your help:D

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-02-05

Cool artilery vehcle . if i had the pieces i would build it :( Ha ha ha

JonnyBGood (author)2012-09-23

Figured it out now.=)

thing 2 (author)2012-09-11

Nice! I'd add a video of you shooting it on the last step.

JonnyBGood (author)thing 22012-09-11

Yeah.. I couldn't figure that out.

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