Introduction: Artist Kits for Works of Heart! Easy Holiday Gift!

Perfect Art Kits for fabulous works of HEART!
For a Wonderful Valentine's day gift!

Do you have an artist in the family?
Maybe it's the kids...maybe it's the hubby!  :)

This gift is perfect across the board!
You can tailor it slightly to fit the needs of your receiver!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here's what you'll need:
Markers, colored pencils, pencils, pens, markers...
An artist notebook or composition book.

You'll need webbing and 2 sizes of elastic.
Here's the size and measurements I used.
1 1/2" Webbing: 8 1/4"
3/4" Elastic: 9"
1/4" Elastic: 8 1/4"
(if you don't have webbing, you can use some thick fabric,
like canvas or denim...just hem the edges so it doesn't fray
Melt the edges of your webbing so it doesn't fray either!)

and the obvious tools:
sewing machine, thread, scissors and time...about 30 minutes.

Step 2: Simple Sewing!

Take the skinny elastic and stitch it right on to the webbing.
About every 1/2 inch or so.
(If you are putting larger markers (or sharpies) in the case,
you'll need to make the spaces larger.)

You'll see mine is not exactly measured out...but it's great!

Step 3: Make It a Belt!

Then sew the wider elastic on both sides of the webbing to make a
notebook "belt"...

Step 4: Fill It!

Fill with your fun fillings!
Get creative!

If you're giving it for a child's gift you could use crayons (i hate that bad?)
Just don't leave crayons out in the sun while traveling, okay?
You could wrap it around a coloring book!

If you're giving it to a boyfriend...maybe add some slim jims...or bacon?

If you're giving it to should write on the first page...they love that!

If you're giving it to a student or a can fill it with highlighters and
#2 pencils and wrap it around a text book!

If it's for traveling, include some crossword puzzles,
Sudoku books and magazines!

You get the idea...have fun with it!

Wrap it around your notebook!
(works great on a flimsy composition book cover too!)

Step 5: Give to an Artist!

Perfect art kit for travel or gifts!

I made some labels and stuck them right to the
covers for my kids Valentine's day gifts!
And the play on "heART" is pretty fun this time of year!
(we homeschool, so I have to do something to make the holiday fun!)

Perfect to take in the car on long drives too!

Step 6: Enjoy!

I love them.
And I am obsessed with RAINBOW color order.
They MUST be in order.  The kids will have to keep up with that too!  :)

Hope you love it and make one too!
Please vote for me in the Valentine's day gift contest...I'll be your best friend!

Check out more of my creativity at my blog doodlecraft!


KimberlyM121 made it!(author)2016-11-14

Hi! I’m an editor for and am writing to request permission to use a photo from this art kit post.

We hope to feature it in an upcoming round up of ours about DIY gifts. We would include a backlink and clear credit to you via your instructables handle. (or name, however you'd prefer)

Please let me know if this is ok.


doodlecraft made it!(author)2016-11-14

Hi Kimberly,
I love Remodelaholic! I would love a feature, however, can you please take it from and link to my craft blog, not to instructables?

Here's the info:

Link back to

If you need a high resolution picture, just email me at, and I'll send it over.

Thanks so much Kimberly!

Nat :)

Tardisgirl made it!(author)2013-07-15

i am pretty much the only artistic person in my family. i love this thank you for the idea

ChardyGrace made it!(author)2013-06-28

Cool. I hate crayons as well...

MYT+CR8TiV made it!(author)2013-02-20

Love it ! I think I'll make a couple for Easter for my Sister and Niece. I come from a Artistic family. We all love to draw !! Thanxs for Sharing !

jessyho862013 made it!(author)2013-01-29

i like this one

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29


jessyho862013 made it!(author)2013-01-29

ur welcome

mostlyliz made it!(author)2013-01-28

Great idea! Looking forward to giving it a go.

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29

I hope you do! I love having creativity so accessible! :)

Jessie+Marie made it!(author)2013-01-28

What a great idea!! :D

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29

Thank you! :)

ski02004 made it!(author)2013-01-29

These are great! I love the phrase "heART work"!

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29

Thanks! I love getting into the cheesy side of Valentine's day! :)

Penolopy+Bulnick made it!(author)2013-01-28

That's really cute! I love the titles you've put on the books :)

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29

Thanks! We go through sketch books like water...they make a great journal for kids to see how their art has progressed. :)

The+King+of+Random made it!(author)2013-01-29

With 2 boys 3 and under, those easy access markers look like a nightmare waiting to happen on our playroom walls! haha. Seriously though, this is such a cool idea and I'll pass it on to Janae!

doodlecraft made it!(author)2013-01-29

Oh ya, seriously--I'm not giving Jared full access to his either! :) Great job on your recent win!

The+King+of+Random made it!(author)2013-01-29

:D Thanks Natalie. Looking forward to a ... hammer. Yeah, awesome. lol. It's always fun to see your projects! Keep 'em coming!

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