What you need

Table Saw (www.TechShop.ws)
Chop Saw (www.TechShop.ws)
MDF, 5 pieces, 4 sides and top
Scrap wood (just a small piece)
Brad Nailer with Nails (www.TechShop.ws)
Punch (if need be)
Hammer (if need be)
Wood glue
Wood filler
Putty knife
Router with Flush trim bit (www.TechShop.ws)
Random orbital sander (www.TechShop.ws)
Sand paper for the orbital sander
Paint brush

Today I will show you the way that I make quick pedestals. First you will need to know your size pedestal that you are going to make. The size that I’m making is 8 x 24 x 8, and I use MDF, which is medium-density fiberboard. The MDF will give you are more uniform surface then ply-wood.

Step 1: Cutting the Boards to Size

I rip down the MDF to 9 inches on the table saw, your pieces and be longer than 24 inches; we will take care of this on the chop saw. Moving over to the chop saw measure you first 8 inch piece to 24 inches and make a make with a scrap piece of wood and a clamp. When you use this stop block to have all your boards the same size you have to be sure to hold the piece of wood on the side of the stop block. If you do not hold the board on the same side that you have your stop block, you are more likely to have kick back. Cut all of your board to length.

Rip down the last piece of MDF for the top of the pedestal, For the top of the pedestal you want the board to be 1/8 lager on all four sides. Start at the table saw move the fance over to 9 1/4 and rip down the MDF. Measures out the 9 1/4, make your last cut on the chop saw. 

Great job! The last time I built one of these I built it out of plywood and reinforced it with 1x1 on the inside, but that pedestal was going to have to take a lot of weight and was going to see some hard use.

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