Introduction: Artistic Bowls

In this instructable I will show you how to make a bowl out of any cd. All you need for this is:

                             * a cd
                             * an oven
                             * protective gloves (I used snow gloves)


Step 1: Shape the CD

1) Put the cd in the oven at low heat.
2) Cook the cd until it is soft enough to shape. (usually about 2-4 min)
3) With the gloves, bend up four or five sides to make a bowl shape. The bowl will cool off very quickly so do this step fast. If it cools before you finish, heat it up for 2 minutes and do it again. 

Step 2: Finish

You just finished your artistic bowl. If you really are going to put stuff in it, you might want to glue the hole to a plate.


themadjeweler made it!(author)2011-12-30

that doesnt help me at all...

Football+viking+boy made it!(author)2011-12-30

if the cd was breakable before than try turning up the heat so it becomes more manuable. The process of shaping must then be done quickly because the cd cools fast.

themadjeweler made it!(author)2011-12-25

what do you mean by "low heat"? I attempted this and the only thing i got was an extremely easily breakable cd that was otherwise unaltered.

Football+viking+boy made it!(author)2011-12-28

lowest it can go

craftyv made it!(author)2011-04-07

My mistake I had thought You used a Microwave, obviously not. I'm such a silly sausage arn't I. Thanks.

Football+viking+boy made it!(author)2011-04-06

no, not that i know of, but the CD might stick to the foil a bit

kjz325 made it!(author)2011-03-29

Another way to shape it is to put it over a soup can.

Football+viking+boy made it!(author)2011-03-30

good idea

kjz325 made it!(author)2011-03-30

Used to do the same thing with records... Before I fell in love withthe music.

Football+viking+boy made it!(author)2011-03-30


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