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Mabuhay! This instructable is actually made not only from cell phone PCB but also a broken video card and a card reader.
This instructable requires no specific talent or tools to make. Your spare time and creativity is all you need and of course the "raw materials" which is the PCB

You need,
PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) from cell phones, computers, dvd players etc..
Glue gun or any super glue
Cardboard / corrugated fiberboard (brown)

You can create any design or form, and that's what makes this ible fun and easy.
I decided to make a tree out of it so here it is. I call it "Tree-G" (3G).  =)

If you like it please vote it in the Colors of the Rainbow Contest  week 4 (GREEN). Thanks!


cloudifornia (author)2011-06-28


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