Hey guys, This is my new gun, It's a really powerful single-shot,It has a fake mag, A amazingly strong stock, Good enough handle,
Five layers thick, It has a fore grip. And thats about it.
It shoots up too 100+ feet with something like oodammo.
 If enough people like it, And tell me too post, I will.

Axiys Out!
I am!
Yeah! might build :)
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/</a><br />
I don't believe it shoots 190 feet with sniper rounds.<br />
I will make proof if/when I post.
POST<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/</a><br />
Working on it now.
190ft is about 60m and im pretty sure that it wouldnt shoot that far, unless u angle it alot and add loads of rubber bands. but it is still a cool gun. u should post, coz i wanna see proof :P
Yeah I'm posting it!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/</a><br />
I got you message.<br /> Judging by the stats and looks&nbsp;I think you should post. however it has no innovative or new feature so it would be pritty avarage.
Yeah, I know. I'm gonna post.
Well good luck with that!
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/</a><br />
Cool. You should probably post.<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/" rel="nofollow">posted www.instructables.com/id/Aryin-Mini-Sniper-1/</a><br />
&nbsp;Wait...so is it single shot? &nbsp;Either way I definitely think its postworthy. &nbsp;Just try to add a ram guide so you can increase the amount of the power the firing pin can withstand.
Grad you like it. Yeah, I am working on that right now.<br /> <br />
100 feet, that's more reasonable; still hard to belive though. Did you used rifle rods or something?
No, I used oodammo, with blue rod not white rods.
<p>Hm. Ok gun then.</p>
190 feet?Yeah right, and&nbsp;the&nbsp;ZKAR shoots 830 feet... Lol. 1.0 for lying to the public.
he changed it, it says 100 feet now, but it could shoot 190 feet by angling it by 45 degrees and shooting off a house or hill.
Good, but here are some improvements:<br /> 1) NO, it can't shoot 190ft. Sorry.<br /> 2) Is it a regular ram gun?&nbsp;If that's the case adding a mag would be good<br /> 3)&nbsp;Scope?<br />
and your stuff can?<br />
No, only slingshots can, because slings harness the stored kinetic energy in bands much better than a pin ever can.&nbsp;When did I ever say mine could shoot that far?<br />
LOSA pistol.<br />
true<br />
You know the story behind that, you commented on it. And that was not my fault, and since then I posted the proper range.<br />
I know, but you still asked when did you ever say that, and I&nbsp;gave you an answer.&nbsp; <br />
Yeah, but it's no longer relevant.&nbsp;And that wasn't the LOSA&nbsp;pistol anyway, it was the LAP, which had a slightly different design<br />
Well that doesn't matter. &nbsp;You asked when you <strong>ever</strong> said your gun could shoot far. &nbsp;I&nbsp;gave you an answer. &nbsp;It is relevant.&nbsp; <br />
I took it all back, so it technically doesn't count<br />
You can't just take it back. &nbsp;Once its there its there.&nbsp; I tried that excuse before, if I&nbsp;don't get away with it, neither do you or anyone else.<br />
I kinda did, because I deleted the whole instructable, and it was a long time later before I posted the v2 LOSA&nbsp;pistol which has a range of 60ft<br />
They have a link of it on KI lol.<br />
What?<br />
Deleting an ible doesn't actually remove all the comments to it.<br />
What's that got to do with having a link on KI?<br />
I can still see the comments.<br />
On KI? I never posted it on KI...<br />
No, on the old LAP ible that you deleted.&nbsp; <br />
Show me<br />
Not your fault? You honestly thought it could shoot 180 feet or whatever? Then it's you fault. You didn't have to post that.<br />
oh my god at least know your story before you slag off my stuff. I can't be arsed to talk to you any more. But it wasn't my fault, as if you'd LOOKED you would have seen. Go away, if you're such a &quot;knex_lover&quot; why do you slag off EVERY gun I see? There'll always be some spite from YOU.<br />
I don't see how you don't see it as <em>your</em> fault is all. Explain it for me.<br />

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